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Encouragement please

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I can't possibly be the only woman to ebf their almost 6 month old. I mean no bottles ever, no binky, no solids, just me. Because I swear it feels like here in stuffy, uptight CT I am a freak. My 6 year old ds had to have surgery last week & I spent more time trying to justify why I had to bring my baby & mil (to baby hold while I was with ds in recovery) to the hospital & why I could not just "give her a bottle." I'm not sure I personally know anyone who does not supplement somehow - not that there is anything wrong with that. I just choose not to. I am tired of having to explain myself to everyone else. Vent over. Please tell me there are other mamas out there who are ebfing.

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my 4.5 month old has had (counts) 4 bottles of expressed breastmilk, but that's it. 

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I ebf'd as long as possible. I went back to work though at around 5 months. But fast forward and I'm still nursing a 17.5 month old. Legally I don't think that hospital should have made you justify yourself. However many hospital staffers are clueless about breastfeeding, WHO guidelines and the laws protecting the mother-child nursing dyad. I'm from stuffy CT too! So I feel you. I've had my share of dirty disapproving looks and whispers while nursing my son even before he was "aged-out". Definitely look up and familiarize yourself with breastfeeding laws so that if you run into opposition you have something solid to back up your choices. I hate that we have to think that way in this country. I do wish that people would stop being so uptight and worried less about how a nursing mother might make everyone else feel uncomfortable. It is normal, natural and a sacred bond between mother and child. Sorry to rant on your rant. wink1.gif
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I'm ebf my six mo old too! I don't work and had no reason to start. Having been through all the pumping and such with dd1 I decided not to do t with dd2. Nature didn't items for us to pump, I don't need to, so why do it. Once in awhile I can see where it mitt have been helpful-- but the LLL coach told me if I ever needed to start I could-- even if little one was over six Mos old. I hope I don't have to tho- I have enough going on and to me pumping just makes BF feel like a chore rather than a blessing and convenience.

I honestly never think to apologize to anyone about it. I'm doing what's best for my baby, and probably our family by maintaining and adding to our bond in this way. My two yo recently had to have an echo cardiogram and my hubby came along to hold the baby and brought her to me the one time she was hungry. I got to snuggle my two yo through the whole thing.

Just forget what judgments you might perceive- you are doing the right thing!
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My first son was exclusively BF until 7 months: we had a lot going on around the 6 month mark and I decided to wait a bit longer on solid food. He took a bottle of pumped milk a couple of times around the two month mark before he decided that he preferred it directly from the source. I half heartedly introduced a paci but when he seemed unimpressed, I just dropped it.


My second son started with a bit of solid food just ahead of the 6 month mark (he was eager to try eating since he had an older brother eating in front of him all the time). But otherwise, he has been similar to my first: took a bottle a couple of times to later reject them entirely. I never even bothered trying to introduce a paci since he isn't a comfort nurser.


You are not the only one out there.

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I didn't know anything about having kids until I got pregnant and just had one! So I'm shocked to learn what stigmas exist out there for moms... I've learned a lot on MDC!


... but I wanted to tell you that, while I'm only 3 weeks in, my intention is to exclusively breast feed from the source for the 1st six months - mostly because I can't get a pump from where I live AND because there's no need to since I do my grad work online and can be at home chillin' with babecito.


Sucks so many mamas have to put up with stuff like you mentioned...

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Yeah--my DS was EBF until 6 months, with the exception of *tiny* tastes of food from the tip of my finger starting around 5 months, and only because he was super interested. I am hoping to EBF my second baby till 7 months or longer if she'll let me delay solids that long! I'm sorry you had to put up with ignorant BS!
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You are definitely not alone in your situation! I'm sorry your community feels unsupportive.

I bf my DS exclusively for 6mo and am still nursing strong at 17.5 mo. I'd say his diet is primarily breast milk (nurses quite a bit during night sleep, naps, and 2-3 times during the day.). He is super tall too, so I know it's my milk that responsible! Sure, he eats food in public with us. However, if he is tired or overwhelmed, he needs to nurse. It is a shame that people discount the emotional benefits of breastfeeding. Whether your baby is hungry or just needs you in this natural, intimate way, it should be accepted wherever you are at whatever age of your LO.
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It is so infuriating to me that you're doing what every authority on kids' health in the WORLD says you should be doing - exclusive breastfeeding to six months - and yet you're getting flack about it from HEALTHCARE professionals.
Hang in there, mama! You're doing the right thing.
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I've never offered DD a bottle, and offered solids at 7 months (though she didn't actually start eating them until 8 months). You're not alone!
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She's nearly 15 months now but my LO has never had a bottle, never had a dummy and was EBF until just after 6 months (except for drinking bath water, does that count? lol.gif )


I'm sorry you had to justify yourself. I would have been in furious too, in your position.

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Originally Posted by Jules09 View Post

I've never offered DD a bottle, and offered solids at 7 months (though she didn't actually start eating them until 8 months). You're not alone!

My DD was exactly the same. Even now at 9 months she only eats about 3 tablespoons of food a day!


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My ds never had a bottle.  I EBF him for the first 6 months after which I could no longer ignore his interest in solid food or water (from a cup, not sippy).  He never had a paci, either.  I only pumped to use the milk in his cereal once he started eating cereal.  And I did not pump often and hated it so, I ditched it after a couple of months.  I continued to BF ds until he was 17 months, though I wish I could have gone longer, he was just so very aggressive!  It was so hard and frustrating to listen to people make comments and how they thought he should be weaned, etc.  Oh my, I had forgotten those feelings.  I can totally relate to being shunned by health care workers for EBF!  My ds was 5 months when he had an echo-cardiogram (dh has hereditary heart problems), and the tech was getting so frustrated that I did not have a bottle, I lay down with ds and BF'd while she did the echo.  She was just plain rude to me.  I feel for you, hang in there and do what you know is right.  

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it's lovely reading all these posts, you're deff not alone : ] my baby girl is just over 6 months and she's still only breastfeeding and doing so well. my instincts saying she's not ready for solids yet, so i'll trust us. they say 6 months round here, but babies and children do things at their own pace, from walking to talking, to eating solids! you're doing a fab job keep it up !

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