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just hangin' out...staring at my BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like for reals, no squinter, and not right away but i counted to 60 twice... (its to help center myself and vizualize a little baby burrowing in nice and safeom.gif) and it was right there!pos.gif


went to the store...thought of you ladies, and wanted to give you something to stalk.thumb.gif  DH has the good camera at work but ill test again in the AM (duh) and post a pic then. 


off to stalk my test!!!dizzy.gif




p.s.- im taking at least 2 of you (my chart stalking you may come into play here ;)) with me to the april ddc!!!

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jumpers.gifCONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't wait to see your pic in the morning! Happy Dance Happy Dance belly.gif

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Congrats Viv! Looking forward to seeing you over in the April DDC!

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CONGRATS VIV!!!!!   jumpers.gif 


Can't wait to see your pic tomorrow momma!!  stork-girl.gif

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Oh what a sweet sight to behold!!! CONGRATULATIONS Vivica2!!!!!

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Viv, I am SO STINKIN' excited for you!! I can't wait to see that happy and sticky bean grow into a big healthy belly (and baby).

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VIv, woot! I CANNOT wait to see pictures in the morning. That's awesome if you went from super squinter in the morning to clear as day BFP in the evening. Sticky baby, fo shiz! Two of us with you, like with a ticket or sweepstakes? I stalked charts and I didn't see any +....hmmmmmm.

All, so I'm taking over the thread for Meredith and since DS won't let me have two seconds of peace on the computer in the morning, I'm going to start the new thread now. Annnnnd, go! Here is the link. http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1325796/the-onederful-thread-aug-14-aug-21#post_16606989

P.S. Viv, do you want me to move you now? You know, cause you're pregnant and all? You can be my first official move for my first time ever threadkeeping. You know that you never forget your first, right?

Ack!!! So I copied and pasted from the old thread and it doesn't have any formatting or chart links HELP!!!!!!

Updated ACK!!!, I formatted everything but I lost all the chart links. So sorry, gals! Can someone more computer savvy help?! I'll leave it up for now but tomorrow I need some major help. Also, this "This is Basic Format content. You can convert it to Rich Format, but this is irreversible." keeps coming up at the top of my edit box. Does that have something to do with my copy/paste problem? Oh, the internets....
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