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Classic, almost cliche, encounter

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It was strange, up until yesterday I thought all of the comments that everyone else got only happened to other people. I had never heard many of the most cliche babywearing comment and my daughter is already 13 1/2 months old!

That is until yesterday. I was wearing my brand new Maya Wrap (well, new to me anyhow) into a local big box store with my babe on my hip. I get to the check out and I swear to you three cashiers said each of these:

"They did not have those when I was having babies"
"I would be afraid of them falling out"
"You are a braver woman then me!"


"Ohhh, what a cool contraption, is it a new thing???"

I could not believe it! I almost laughed out loud. I have read about people encountering these remarks so many times but it had never happened to me before. I walked out of the store and DH and I both cracked up at the same time saying that both of us did not think people would realy say things like that about our sling :LOL

Just needed to share.

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It's funny, isn't it. I have gotten mostly positive comments, but often with a slightly condescending tone. Especially when he's in the Girasol which looks a little more ethnic and less stylish.
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Oh most of the comments were positive enough, the one woman thought it was a great "invention" and that she wished they had them when her kids were little. The other woman thought it looked cute but that she was not brave enough to wear it. Only one woman realy got condecending on me, she was the one who made the safety comment and said she would not be caught dead wearing a toddler or pre-schooler :

Funny thing is, I think part of the reson I am getting the comments with the MW when I did not with the Trekker is because they assume it is an ethnic thing. I look Native (well, I partialy am) and I think they may assume it is a cultural thing. My DH thinks they think it is a "rustic cultural throwback" and in a way he is right
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That's pretty funny!

I don't get too many comments. I got an "Ohhh . . .she looks heavy!" the other day from the woman at the PO, but I just said, "Nope, she's not."

I figure if anyone thinks I look weird, screw 'em. My daughter is amazing, and I am CERTAIN that babywearing is part of the reason why!
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