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Weekly Chat August 7-13

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Hey Ladies,

I got so behind last week. The week just seemed to get away from me. I got a chance to read through everything but just not time to comment on everyone post.


I love that so many of us have gardens. I actually just picked a ton of tomatoes today. I have a lot of cherry tomatoes and I am drying them in the oven. I use them as sundried tomatoes. I love it pasta!!!!!!


It is exciting to see people start hitting some fun milestones, getting to here heartbeats and making it to double digits. That is one thing that stinks about being due at the end of the month. I feel like I am the last for everything. I want to here a heartbeat and be in double digits!!!! So I am just jealous.


We have had a busy week. I had to pick a friend from the airport late Thursday. Her plane was delayed 2 hours. We didn't  get home from the airport until 2am. Yuck!!! So needless to say, I was throwing up a lot of Friday because I didn't get enough sleep. I was bummed because it was DH birthday on Friday.


On another note, my DH has thought that this might be twins since we first found out. So, yesterday ds was talking about the baby and he patted my tummy and said "There are two babies in there." EEEEEKKKK. Dh feeling doesn't worry as much about my ds thought about it. I know it may sound a little weird but I do think that kids are extra sensitive to those things. I think it is do to there child like faith. They don't doubt. Anyway, I have an u/s on the 18th so we will see!!!!

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I am so hungry.  I get hungry all the time.  I can think of lots of food I would love to eat, if someone else would make it for me.  But I don't want anything we have.  I want to eat lots of saucy fatty meaty things, or pasta with rich meaty sauce.  I had a bowl of cream of wheat for breakfast this morning instead.  Blech.  I couldn't eat much of it and was dry heaving after.  But I was sure that a nice BBQ chicken would stay down just fine.  redface.gif  I ended up finishing the cream of wheat -- cold -- a few hours later, and it tasted better then.  But now I'm hungry again and I don't know what to eat.  A salisbury steak tv dinner sounds heavenly.  Or a turkey pot pie.  Or a meat lasagne with lots of cottage cheese and spinach.  Or a toasted steak and mushroom sub from the restaurant down the road.  Or a chip wagon poutine and hamburger with extra tomatoes.  But none of those are going to magically appear in my kitchen.  I could cry.  


Um... I can't think of anything else to chat about.  Oh, chels, I hear you on being due at the end of the month.  I feel so behind!

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I'm another end-of-the-month-er! No heartbeat here, yet, no u/s scheduled...  Just lots and lots and lots of queasy grossness, and exhaustion. This little bean is sure putting me through the wringer already! It feels so different this time (I didn't have any nausea until week 12 with DD), I feel sure it's a boy. And Brisen I hear you about the constant hunger. I'm shaky I'm so hungry, but nothing ever sounds good. I've just been eating a lot of cereal.


My excitement this week is that I'm expecting to attend a birth very soon. I'm working on my DONA certification, and my first client just hit 41 weeks today. She has GD, so we were sure that her mw would want to induce, but with a low Bishop score they decided to give it more time. Good for baby, frustrating for mama. But I'm sure she'll have her baby within the week. I've been really nervous about being able to help her, though. I've been so sick and tired. I'm just hoping the endorphins will kick in, I can help her through the birth and then I can just crash afterwards.


Happy week, mamas!


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Wow lilkat, that's awesome that you get to help with a birth!  I'm also going to be an end of the month one.  I got my positive test result july 20th but they didn't see anything with the first u/s (late ovulation) so I wasn't as far along as they thought.  All I want to do is eat, sleep, and get sick.  What's great but stinks at the same time, is I just got hired at the Olive Garden, so I'm either craving all the food and can sit down and eat it, or I want to vomit on it the moment I smell it.  And my ss (2) only wants to eat the foods that gross me out, lol.

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Is anyone else ridiculously tired today?

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We just got back from a week vacation yesterday and today I am thrown back to reality.  We were on vacay with my parents and my hubby, so the help with my two boys was endless and I was able to take a guilt free 2 hour nap every afternoon and didn't have to cook anything (the smell makes me queasy).  Now we are back - my hubby is off to Austin for the week and I am alone and tired with my boys. I am excited about an appointment with a new midwife on Saturday (my insurance stopped covering the midwife group I wanted to go with) that my DH can go to because it is on a Saturday!!!!

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Originally Posted by StacieM View Post

Is anyone else ridiculously tired today?



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I'm an end of the month mama too. I'm also very low tech so I'm debating whether or not to go for the doppler at 12 weeks or not. I felt movement crazy early last pregnancy (9 weeks) so I didn't feel the need to hear the hb...we just used the fetoscope later on. Hoping I feel it early again this time (I'm 7 weeks now). Oh and I had acupuncture last week for my back and they put in "seeds" taped over the nausea points (not that my nausea was bad at all, I'm not complaining) but what a difference!!! I felt a tiny bit sea sick on/off all day before but none at all since the seeds were taped on. I highly recommend trying acupunture! It was at a community clinic so it's more affordable. If you want to find one in your area: http://www.communityacupuncturenetwork.org/


Oh and I can't wait to start my fall garden!

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I'm thinking about what to grow for fall, too. I think we can squeeze in another batch of corn, beans, and later on, greens. I just realized we have something like 15 spaghetti squash on the vine in the garden. Holy cow! I was expecting maybe 5, and then several plants sprung out of our compost pile. (We've been keeping a cool pile this year out of laziness.) I might have to share some of those, or use it as supplemental feed for the chickies. We brought fresh eggs to the neighbors and got a lovely plate of heirloom slicing tomatoes, plums, and some other goodies. Maybe we'll have to see if they want to trade. yummy.gif
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cameragirl- wow! 15, that's alot. Good that you're garden is producing well. My tomato plant produced well but other veggies had not. Well, my earth boxes do. I have all my seeds already and the dates for planting written on the calendar (I use the farmer's almanac...love it!). Oh and I get to use the soil from my compost...it's turned to soil, whooohoooo!...so excited!

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cameragirl, I am jealous of your spaghetti squash!  I really should have planted some this year, I love them!  I do have a butternut and a delicata in the ground, as well as a bunch of watermelons, but we got going really late here with a really cold spring so those vines are barely flowering yet. 


DH got about 15 tomato plants in the ground and we're just starting to get green tomatoes.  Thank goodness he took over with most of the gardening this year, because I've been not able to muster energy for much besides my job!


Oh and our new 4 chickens just started laying last month and we're already getting 4 eggs most days, which is great!

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We had a really strange spring this year. Normally our last frost is early February, so I'll start planting cool-weather plants in early March. Instead, we got a few late freezes, and I had to start over. I didn't get any tomatoes in until April, then added them as I could through May. We didn't get any red tomatoes until two weeks ago - normally we'd get them in early May! It has been cool, and I'm not complaining about that. I love cool weather. I'm just not used to gardening in it. Tonight we had fresh corn from the garden and it was soo good. I picked about half yesterday, and figure I'll pick the other half tomorrow.

Here's what we will have to pick soon - 5 or so sugar pie pumpkins, 15 or so spaghetti squash, black oil sunflower seed heads for the chickens, 10-15 ears of corn, 2-3 watermelons, 5 or so cantaloupes, along with the 5-10 lbs (each) of tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, and green beans that we're getting every few days. We don't have a basement or root cellar since we're in Nor. Cal., so I'll probably have to split some with my family. My sister didn't garden this year because they're trying to sell their house, so they're always appreciative.

It amazes me, because all I did was mix in some composted manure to loosen the soil and fertilize, give them water, and a little horticultural oil as needed for bugs. Since aphid season is over, we've barely had any bugs to speak of in the veggies. I go for the easy type of gardening. I'm going to add some pictures to my Flikr account so that I can share with you ladies.

EDIT: Here we go!

Pics of the garden. We lost our fence this past March, so you can see what it started from. The only thing in the beds are freshly winter-pruned roses. The pictures of DH tilling are in May when we made the beds wider and fertilized.

And pictures of my chickie poos!
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Wow, that's amazing that you have so much (and can plant so early)!  


We don't have much space (tiny townhouse backyard), so we just have a raspberry bush, some tomatoes, and zucchinis.  The raspberries are done for the year, and the tomatoes are doing fine.  The zucchinis though... the plants are huge and look healthy, but I've only gotten one zucchini so far, they just keep producing only male flowers.  confused.gif

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cameragirl, I am super envious of your chickens!  We had them until I was pregnant with #1 and then it felt like they were too much to take care of.  Yours are so pretty!!!!  Do you get lots of eggs?  Or are you raising them for meat?  Maybe after baby #2 is old enough to help, we can have them again. :)


Also, you have a gorgeous garden.  NICE!!


Our garden is starting to finally produce slicing tomatoes, roma tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes.  I try to make and can spaghetti sauce every year for use all year long. :)  LOVE having that in the pantry to use all winter.  We also have a butt-ton of cucumbers, including "lemon" cucumbers (they taste the same, imho), green beans, carrots, swiss chard and sort of kind of some peppers.  The pumpkins are finally starting to form on the vines. :)  We have a couple cantaloupe, but in my experience, those just don't really work out well. 


Somehow, our strawberry patch almost completely died this year.  WTH?  It was good for about three years and now it's just GONE.  Anyone have experience with strawberries?  We didn't really "do" anything year to year...are you supposed to "do" something to them or with them to keep them healthy?

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cameragirl-beautiful pics. And your chickens are looking great! I love chickens!! We have almost the same chicken tractor and waterer. I switched the waterer recently though.

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Cameragirl, great pics, and cute chickens!  We're hoping to get chickens in a couple of years.  It's taking us all summer just to get our fence up, though, so I'm not sure if we'll ever get as far as chickens.


I want to go out and get some pics of my garden, but it seems like when I remember and the light is good, I can't get out there.  My pea plants are up over my head (we have raised beds) and my butternut squash has grown up over the top of it, so there is a squash hanging down in the middle of the peas, lol.


Anyone else feeling zero motivation?  I have been tired and queasy lately, but then when I'm feeling better, I just don't want to catch up on the dishes and the laundry and the tidying and all that.  

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I have to admit that I've been mostly on the couch lately between feeling nauseated and having a cold. DH has been doing the yard work and picking veggies. Right now he's raking up chicken poop. smile.gif
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It's a good thing we have a DDC to distract us from all that stuff that needs to get done.  lol.gif

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If I didn't know this baby is only the size of a blueberry, I would totally think I just felt kicks.  Not like gas at all, but like two little pushes, way down at my pubic bone.  Weird.  Now I know why so many women think they feel movement so early. 

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Add me to the unmotivated, queasy lump-on-the-couch club. I have laundry and dishes to do, but I just cannot get myself up to do them. At least I have the excuse today that every time I stand up, I puke. If that's any consolation...

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