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I really want to be a lump on the couch and turn into one once the kids go to sleep but during the day, it is watching other peoples kiddos, gardening, playing with my kids, cleaing, cooking,etc!!!!!!! I would love a day off to just be a lump. I don't see myself doing it.


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I managed to push myself a little more yesterday, though at times I was literally dragging my feet.  redface.gif  It's such an effort to move sometimes.


This morning, I'm sad about eggs.  guilty.gif  I usually love them, and they're a staple around here.  For the first two weeks that I knew I was pregnant, I was eating them all the time.  I kept a container full of hard boiled eggs in the fridge, and ate one now and then.  But for the last week or so, the thought of cooking them, smelling them, is so gross to me.  But I know they would hit the spot so well, especially in the morning.  I had spaghetti with meat sauce instead of my usual bagel & cream cheese for breakfast yesterday, and I felt so much better.  But the spaghetti is all gone now.  Eggs would be perfect.  I'm dreaming of dipping toast in a nice runny yolk, I know it would taste so good, but then I think of how they would smell and my stomach turns.  Blech.  So I'm eating a bagel.... again.

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We get a half dozen eggs a day, and we're having to give away a few dozen today. I just don't want to look at eggs. I need to eat them - they're good for me and baby. I just can't get myself to cook them. greensad.gif
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My mom and daughter picked up stomach flu when some lovely parents brought their kid to Mom's summer camp sick. The kid was so sick that she was laying on the rug on her stomach, and wouldn't get up. Seriously, people? I know you paid for the camp, but was it worth getting 6 kids and the teacher sick? I also realized that having morning sickness and caring for a puking kid is kind of dicey. I've been holding it back all day. greensad.gif
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Brisen- I know what you mean about the eggs. I love eggs and know I need to eat them. On top of being good for me and the baby. It I have a higher protein breakfast I am less nausous. But I don't want to cook them!!!!!!


cameragirl- I hope you guys feel better!!! That stinks that she is sick. I hope it passes quickly.


ASM- I started watching a little boy on Tuesday. I was a long day he wasn't feeling the greatest and was fussy (found out today that he has an ear infection). Then today I watched other kids and had to get some stuff done. I am exhausted! I don't want to do anything and my house is a mess. Will someone come and do all my laundry, clean my house, and make dinner for my family? Oh, and change my daughters diapers?

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cameragirl - I don't know how you handled that! 


Well today is a busy day for me.  All the kids have school except my youngest, then my oldest has cross country AND softball practice today and I'm coaching softball this afternoon.  On Tuesday, DD's softball practice didn't end until 9:00pm and we live about 40 minutes away from there.  I sure hope I get a nap in today especially because I feel a cold coming on.  irked.gif

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I don't know how any of you handle being so busy!  I never like being busy; it's OK for a little while, say if swimming lessons overlap with French, or something, but I start feeling really stretched and cranky.  I don't mind having lots to do at home, though.


I managed to eat eggs for lunch!  I had a good breakfast & snack and wasn't feeling queasy and woozy at lunch time, so I made scrambled egg sandwiches with cheese on bagels.  It so totally hit the spot.

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I miss eggs. :(  They're one of my favorite foods!

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Oh, I had to take Unisom to keep the puking at bay. I couldn't have Mom and my daughter puking, and then start puking myself. Yuck. We were up half the night with DD, but she woke up feeling fine and went to class with her grandma.

Speaking of my mom...she's got back surgery coming up, and I'm worried for her. She went through menopause at 32 because of chemo treatment for breast cancer. She's got arthritis from early menopause, and her back is a mess. They found that she has an extra vertebra and the discs on either side are completely shot. They're going to go in through her stomach to fuse the area with a bone graft. She's supposed to be in the hospital for 4-5 days. My chiropractor said that he had a patient with the same exact issue and surgery, and he was up feeling great after a couple weeks. I really hope that is the case.
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I found this in the coop this morning. Holy cow! Both of the eggs are bigger than normal, and the one on the right is ginormous. I don't have small hands, either. The chickens deserved their treats this morning for sure. yikes2.gif

IMG_0078 by JJordanPhotography, on Flickr
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Wow!  Way to go chickies!


I went grocery shopping  today, but I forgot my list at home.  And I was hungry while shopping.  Bad combo.  And I don't even really feel like I got very much that will be easy to make and filling, good snacks for the kids and that.  Arg.  I did get some frozen easy to make stuff.  I put one of those 1 lb hungry man tv dinners in the microwave when I got home, and devoured it when I was done putting the groceries away.  I figured I would be full, since I seem to starve and then fill up quickly, but when I finished that one, I popped a regular tv dinner in the microwave and ate that.  And they were both so good.  And they were the only ones I bought.  Boo.

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Cameragirl -- I've had two of the spinal fusions your mom is going in for and I would be happy to tell you about it if that would help!

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Up and better a couple of weeks after back surgery sounds like it's a good sign!  I hope everything goes smoothly for her.



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Originally Posted by CassnBeth View Post

Cameragirl -- I've had two of the spinal fusions your mom is going in for and I would be happy to tell you about it if that would help!

I'd love to hear about your experiences, CassnBeth.

Mom is scheduled for surgery today at 8 am. They expect the surgery to take 4-5 hours. If you're the praying type, prayers would be most appreciated. Healing vibes are great, too. Between the surgery, the perinatology consult Tuesday, and the sunburn I managed to get today, I'm wide awake and have to be up in six or seven hours to meet Mom at the hospital. My sister is taking her and staying with her while they prep her since Sis has to work and can only stay until 8. We're going to be the waiting room crew...which should be interesting with a five year old. Both sisters are back to work and my dad is off doing what retired people do, so there weren't many choices for babysitters that like to be up before the sun.
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