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This is great!

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So, I have done all the research in my family that has led us to be non-vaxers.  My ex husband has agreed with me on the basis of he's anti government and it sounds good to him.  Well, being that he lives with his parents now and they are VERY intrusive, I had it put in our court order that neither one of us could have any of the kids vaccinated without discussion and agreement with the other parent.  Mostly this was so his parents could not talk him into taking the kids in for vax's or so they could just do it themselves.  Anyway...my 5 year old got his foot cut on a clam shell in the Bay while with dad and they had to take him in to urgent care.  I asked him the other day if he was asked whether he was vaccinated (I have always fielded the ontorage) and his response was "I'm under court order not to let you do that."


How perfect a response was that?!?!  He said the doctor smiled and asked for what and he just said it was in our divorce papers and it was left completely alone.  Man!  I never thought of using that!  Awesome!



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That was a great idea to put that in your divorce papers. And I love your ex husband's response to the doctor!

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