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fuzzi bunz vs rumparooz

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Looking for mamas who have used both fuzzi bunz and rumparooz one size dipes if there is a marked difference between the two to justify the extra $$.  Extra gusseting of the rumparooz seems nice.


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Sorry I don't have RR but I was choosing between the two and unfortunately I bought FB (at least it was only one!). If your child has meaty legs at all s/he may end up with button marks on the leg! I've been meaning to email the company but haven't had a chance. I hear a lot of people rave about FB (including the store owner I bought them from) but I hate that they leave those marks... What a poor design!
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I have both and like both ok. I have the velcro Rumparooz and of you go with those I strongly suggest the snaps instead. My son is only 4 months old and he undoes the velcro sometimes not even on purpose. The gussets are pretty cool On a side note I do really like the covers rumparooz makes. They are awesome and have the gussets like the pockets. Also the hemp inserts they make are AMAZING. I love them I rave about those inserts all the time. I use them in a bunch of my pockets and they are so trim.  The thing I do not like about the diaper is the rise is really low. I think they say they fit 35 + lbs but I really don't see how.


I like the fit on the Fuzzibunz right now but I don't know how well it will grow with my guy. I have never had any leaks at all. The fuzzibunz comes with 2 inserts but they will only fit the fuzzibunz diaper just fyi. The inserts aren't customizable like the rumparooz either. It's less bulky than the RR.


I like the fuzzibunz better at the moment but I think if I had the RR pocket with snaps I'd like that better.

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I agree with the PP, the rise on a RAR is REALLY low.  My girl has been totally unsnapped since 6ish months! We rarely use ours I'm not a fan of velcro.  

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I bought an RaR OS with snaps on a whim (we are primarily a FuzziBunz family), and I'm glad I only bought one. Here was my take on both:


The RaR was much bulkier than my wonderfully trim-fitting FB OSs. The snaps on the RaR were spaced closer together than with the FB, and I found it more difficult to get a good fit because if I needed a smaller waist and wider hip settings, the RaR would bunch up in the front because of the weird snap placement. The gussetts on the RaR looked nice and were soft, but I don't really feel like they held in the poop any better than the FBs do (I have NEVER had a blow-out with FBs). Also, the FBs are a lot trimmer through the crotch, which I love. Those are all my personal opinions, but I'd go with the FBs anyday.

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