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Spotting - How much it too much?

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Last night I had a bit of spotting.  This morning, I had a bit more.  It is pink to bright red and mucusy.  Is this a sign of impending doom for this pregnancy or is it some sort of breakthrough bleeding?  I would have been on the last day or so of my period if I was not pg.  I also am wondering if it is some sort of strange side effect of conceiving after a paragard.


I understand if this one was not meant to be.  But I really really hope it is!

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I'm not sure, mama. I'm one of those people who spot a lot the first month, but if you're unsure, i'd still call your health care provider. FWIW i had light spotting from 8-15 dpo, with pink/red on 11-12 dpo, so it isn't necessarily bad news. I hope it stops soon!
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I've had some spotting too, Hooplehead, and have consulted extensively with my OB and my aunt, who's a nurse. 


You don't say how much "some" is, but what I've been told is that if you're not spotting a lot and you continue to not spot a lot, it's probably not a big worry. For example, I've been spotting, but it's only ever been when I wipe--I haven't needed a pantyliner, and the spotting hasn't increased, and I'm told that this probably isn't something I need to be concerned about. Pink or brown blood is better, from a pregnancy-maintenance standpoint, than red is. 


A handful of potential non-big-deal reasons that you could be bleeding: cervical polyps, bursting a blood vessel in your cervix while bearing down to poop, hormonal changes around when you'd normally have your period, and cervical irritation or infection. My OB claimed that between 30 and 50 percent of women have some spotting in their first trimester; my aunt said 30%; the internet says 25%. Either way, that's definitely not an insignificant number--and the vast majority of those people go on to have healthy pregnancies. So don't lose hope yet!


If the flow gets heavier, you start having severe cramps, you're having shoulder pain, or you start to run a fever, you should get in to your doctor or the emergency room ASAP--those symptoms could be indicative of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. And, really, it couldn't hurt to phone your care provider now and just say "Hey, this is happening, is there anything I should be doing?" Most likely they'll tell you no, but if it'll set your mind at rest, I'd definitely give them a ring.

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I have had some too, but mine was brown.  My sister had some for a week at the beginning of her last pg.  My mom did with two of her five kids and it was usually around when her period was supposed to start.  It feels concerning no matter what, hugs and I hope that you get some answers and that everything is healthy!

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Looks like I have full blown aunt flo style bleeding.  I did some reading and decided it must have been a chemical pregnancy since I had multiple positive HPTs a little less than a week before my period was due.  I took another one this morning (digital kind) and it said not pregnant.  Soooooo, looks like a chemical pregnancy for me.  


If I had not have taken an early HPT or been charting, I would have never known, just thought my period is late and extra heavy as a result.


I don't think that I have to wait a full cycle before TTC again - and I am going to count today as the first day of my period.  Do you guys think that is accurate?


Time to bump over to the TTC forums.  I hate that I won't get to ride the rollercoaster with you fine folks!  Hopefully I will be back for the May or June DDCs!

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So sorry to hear that.  I hope that you get a stickier BFP soon.

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I am sorry to hear that, and good luck on getting another BFP soon.

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I am so sorry, I hope you get a BFP very soon. Lots of hugs!

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I'm so sorry.  Positive thoughts and best wishes for a BFP soon!

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Sorry to hear that. :(  If it's any consolation, that happened to me both times before getting pregnant.  Supposedly you are especially fertile the month after.  No need to wait to ttc, and yes, I think that would count as the first day of your period for your next chart.

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I'm sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and your lost one. greensad.gif
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