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Doing a second progesterone check 10-ish weeks?

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Mine was fine at the blood draw I did around 5.5w, but my naturopath had been pretty sure the strangeness of my cycle prior 6m was low prog. This pg was a huge surprise. My face has started to break out in similarl pre-AF style... and I'm starting to not feel m/s all day... I'd like to ask for another prog check, does that seem reasonable, you think? I really am not normally one to worry but my body was not at typical health prior to this surprise...
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ps. I'm 9w6d.
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Well, people who are on progesterone supplements are usually told to stop around 10-12 weeks because the placenta is producing enough by then.  So I don't think testing this late would be necessary.  Besides, I thought acne was caused by high progesterone, not low?  And morning sickness by HCG levels?  


If you're concerned though, talk to your midwife or doctor about it.  

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Yeah, high progesterone causes MS (so does hcg, but higher hcg alone doesn't, necessarily). Low prog causes more oil production and increased acne, but I don't know the why's of either of those very well. I appreciate your response, thank you so much. I agree, I think I may call, as Nervous-Nancy as I feel... oh well, better safe and silly than not?
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Could you be losing the m/s symptom because you're almost 10 weeks? Mine faded away around 10 weeks last time. If you're feeling that you could be low, you could have it checked. I've monitored my progesterone several times over the years. I have a luteal phase defect so I knew in advance that I would probably need to supplement during pregnancy. This time I did a saliva progesterone test (which is supposed to be more accurate) but it takes FOREVER to get back (3 weeks for mine). I take a sublingual progesterone I buy at iherb.com called Progon B.



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I am supposed to take my supplement until 12 weeks. But it doesn't hurt to ask....

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Tina, I was supposed to do that test as soon as my cycle started, which never did. wink1.gif The MWs I was doing my well-woman care with think I'm worried for nothing but they will do bloodwork anyways. Don't know why they can't just do my regular bwork without the whole dang (unnecessary) apt, but oh well. They asked why I hadn't made an apt, but we usually do UC/UP, and I know what blood type I am, that I'm not anemic, etc. I hate paying for stuff I don't want or need just to get the one test I want, but they won't do without bells and whistles. Ah well, worth the trouble I guess.

I take Symplex F via my naturopath and I think that's supposed to help... Progesterone anyways.

I'm annoying myself with all the worry this time! Ugh. We just had a weird start and I was already worried about my body, more brain adjustment to the change, and trust, I suppose. I never remember being so nervous about it all. Blah!
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BirthFree- just an idea but I order my own blood tests online at direct labs.com. You can order progesterone too. It's really easy, order online and then you get blood drawn at your local Lab Corp. And the prices are pretty resonable!

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Oh I didn't know that!!  Thank you for sharing that!

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