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how do you organize your art supplies?

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right now we're having to store it all out of reach.  i know that will change eventually, but what do you other toddler parents do with all that art stuff????  

also, if anybody has an easel or art table/easel recommendation, i'd love one.

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We have a table with a center panel that lifts out (IKEA, but I got it at a thrift store so I don't know if they still carry it!) We put crayons & playdough in the dividers, and a pad of paper nearby -- those are no-supervision supplies in our house so they remain accessible. Everything else (paints, stickers, markers, scissors, glue) goes in a drawer in our hutch. I need to clear out a second drawer as we accumulate more stuff!!

We have the IKEA easel (coincidence, I swear we don't have a house full of IKEA!!) and I like it OK. It was only $15. I wish it had trays on both sides (I think the Melissa & Doug one does?) because that second side is kind of useless without it.
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Our method of storing art supplies is so not appropriate for a toddler, that's for sure.  Can you give up a cabinet in the kitchen and maybe get some extra shelves for it?  Or if you have an extra closet (am I the only woman who hates closets? LOL), maybe put shelving in there, or try to find a rolling cart to pull in and out of the closet when needed?


As for how to store all the little crap (split peas, pasta, acorns) I use glass jars because I think the supplies need to be seen.  For things likely to be dumped out (crayons, pastels, markers, rubber stamps) I use open baskets.


If you're near an Ikea, they have these hanging bars with these hanging cups and some other related products that would be great for storing art supplies so they are easily accessible for adults, but not for the little ones.  I'm hoping to give this system a try when I next find myself anywhere near an Ikea.


ETA:  We used the melissa and doug easel.  The knobs that cover the bolts are big and easy for little fingers to get off, so just keep that in mind, it might be a choking hazard depending on the child.

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I'll be keeping my eye here 'cause I need ideas. Craft supplies are not something ds can be trusted with alone so I need a better way to store them out of his reach.

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We keep art supplies in a cabinet (built-in, in our dining room) that my toddler can't open.

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I have art supply issues ROTFLMAO.gif  Some are in our basement (things we don't use quite as often/real messy stuff) I keep this stuff in Plastic drawers.  I have a cute little wooden 6 drawer thing in my dinning room the kids reach (I have older kids too). In this I have crayons, colored pencils,  markers, scissors, glue sticks, water colors, etc. It sits on top of a cabinet that holds paper, coloring books, puzzle books, notebooks, graph paper, rick rack, etc. Then I have a kitchen cabinet with painting supplies........I really need to cut this cabinet out though. Art supplies are taking over the house. lol.gif 


I have to say my two year old does fairly well with the art supplies out. I'm not sure if because she has older siblings to model for her, but she will often go and get some paper and crayons to draw with. We haven't had to many issues with her tagging household items. No more then we had with my older kids, who I did not leave art supplies out with. I do think I may need to remove the scissors at some point though. Scissor can do some damage! ROTFLMAO.gif

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