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Still nursing over here.  


He's picked up interest recently.  I am quite sore, but he's so insistent (especially when he comes to bed with me in the mornings) that I just let him have it.  


Colostrum is definitely in.  At no point have I seen him give any indication that my milk was changing, even though I knew it had.  There were about 6 weeks there where I sincerely doubt he was getting anything at all, but that didn't stop him!  


Not really sure what to do when #2 comes along.  Not thinking about it too much.  No point in having a plan or trying to crucify myself with standards until I know what I'm up against!  I had trouble getting my milk going with DS1, but I am counting on him this time to stimulate supply and turn me into a dairy queen!  ;)

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UGGG my thrush is back. I have battled a systemic yeast infection for close to 3 yrs now. Sometimes it is really really bad, sometimes manageable, sometimes barely there, but I think I always have  a little bit of yeast overgrowth at some point. This pg it has been mostly vaginal and although that is uncomfortable and terribly annoying it is not like thrush. Nursing while pg is bad enough but add thrush to it.   Ugggg now I am having another girl (which seems to be a mega yeast producer for me) and the 2 of them will get to help feed my fire. Hoping it gets better soon. This is so frustrating.

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Hope your thrush problem is resolved theboysmama...


I'm reviving this thread to ask about nursing and Braxton-Hicks?  The nursing-induced contractions are quite strong and very uncomfortable, is this going to throw me into premature labor?  I'm 34 weeks right now and I have SO MUCH to get done at work before this baby comes, I really do not want to go early *at all* (meaning before 40 weeks, never mind the obvious reasons to avoid having a preemie or near-preemie baby).  DD came at 38 wks 5 days and I was so not ready.


I am trying to limit nursing as much as possible but DD seems to be wanting it more, we were down to once every 2-3 days for a while and now we are back to at least a couple of requests per day.  She says she likes the colostrum, sigh.


What are others doing about nursing as your due dates approach?

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Well, I'm 37 weeks today, so I'm not very concerned at this point.


I did talk to my midwife probably a month or so ago when I was having strong BH while nursing. She said it was my own judgment call, that there was a possibility of it spurring on premature labor but that the risk, specific to me, was pretty low as I had of or risk factors for premature labor. I chose to continue, but did maintain our two to three times a day limit and stopped a particular session if the BH were getting to be too much.

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emmaegbert, I love the image of your son emptying out the baby bottle ... like an addict getting his fix -- but cute, if that makes sense? :)


Anyway, just saw this thread and so happy it's here. My youngest turned 3 over the summer and we're still going strong. She doesn't nurse a lot, but she's very attached to it, and I do plan to tandem when the new baby arrives. When I first got pregnant I wasn't sure, but I've found I really can't give it up and since she's so gung ho herself, that makes it easy. I'm actually looking forward to having her visit me at the hospital as soon as possible after the birth so she can help get the milk flowing. You just know the nurses are going to love that one! biglaugh.gif


All of that said, it hasn't been a painless 9 months. My nipples have been sore, sometimes excruciatingly so, the entire time, but I guess it hasn't been bad enough that I was really ready to quit. She has asked me several times if the new baby is going to nurse like she does, and I was grateful for the opportunity to say yes so that perhaps she's at least a tiny bit prepared for what that will be like (sharing me, I mean). And I think for the most part she'll be really ok with it. She really only nurses at night and in the morning nowadays -- -sometimes more if she's really tired or gets a booboo -- and I half expect she'll want to nurse more when she sees the baby nursing ... but, my plan is just to be as relaxed as possible for as long as possible and then, when I feel like I need to set limits, probably after a week or two, we can address that then.


Let the adventure begin!

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We're still going over here!  DS is 18 months and asks 2-3 times a day.  My nipples are sore and the nursing occasionally brings on BH, but given that I went over by quite a bit last time despite weeks of BH, I'm ok with it.  


Colostrum is definitely in.  Knock on wood, DS hasn't been sick since it came in!  

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yep still nursing 3x most days. Sometimes 2, sometimes 4. DD told me to "squeeze it" so I could see that there is milk (colostrum I am sure, it was yellow) and she seems to like it just fine. Pain is gone (maybe b/c of the colostrum?) but sometime it just makes my skin crawl, especially a weird thing she does with her tongue when she's having a hard time falling asleep.


I am very curious what will happen after baby is born. maybe we can have a new thread for that :)


I am 34 weeks as of yesterday. DD will be 2.5 years 4 days after my EDD.


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Still nursing here. I have oddly mixed feelings at this point. I really, really thought he was weaning a couple of months ago, and was feeling pretty good about the general experience. We had such a hard time getting started, and then it became so important to him. We managed to continue despite the fact that I traveled about 25% of the time. I felt like I was doing an awesome job of balancing my work and the needs of a small person, I helped him feel secure despite my frequent absences, now he was ready to move on, and it would have been a happy end for both of us.


And then he decided he wasn't done after all.


It isn't painful, nor is it often (a few times a week), and I'm really not in any sort of headspace to make any decisions about this right now, so I'm just going to wait and see for a bit. But I really wish I had been right and he had actually weaned months ago. I did not see this issue coming. (Which, in retrospect, was kind of spectacularly naive.)

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we are nursing tons still and dd is so excited for the baby to bring her more milk when she comes. I don't remember if my oldest nursed this much at this point in pg but none of my others did. Maybe part of it is that I have been pg for about a yr and 1/2 so she has just gotten used to all the changes and figured to hang on anyways.

She nurses about 30 min. in the morning. (will ask a few times throughout the morning sometimes I distract sometimes I don't), about 30 min. before nap and 30 min after. Then maybe once or twice before bed time then about 1/2 hr at bed time. I know it will only increase when the baby comes then I will need to set limits on it about 2wks pp to keep from going insane (I know this from past experience:)).

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Anyone else feeling like they'd just love a "Good for you!" for making it this far?


It seems like everyone I know is looking askance at me for keeping it up this long.  I keep it to myself mostly because I just don't want to deal with negative comments.  Even my mom, who breastfed 5 children exclusively, seems to think it's weird.


But this morning, DS woke up at 6:45.  I brought him to bed...and we slept and nursed until 8:30.  8:30.  So I think I get the last laugh!  I just wish people were more understanding.  It feels like a big deal to have made it this far!

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PsuedoDiva- good for you!!!


And yes, I know what you mean- even other people who nursed/are nursing their children mostly seem to think its weird. I do have one IRL mom friend (well, sort of acquaintance but I am trying harder to become friends now) who is also nursing through her pregnancy, and has a similar-aged nursling and a December due date. So, she is not thinking its weird at all. Its nice to share some of these experiences with people that are really very every-day for me.

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emmaegbert -- Yeah, I don't talk much about the tandem nursing thing. Mostly I don't have to though because my 3 yo rarely asks to nurse in public.


But this morning I was sitting on the floor sorting laundry -- stain stick in one hand and dc on the boob -- and dh just came in, surveyed the scene and laughed. He wanted to get the camera but I wouldn't let him. :)

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p.s. -- anyone else here have a nursling even though there's clearly no milk? I'm really really hoping she's going to be the answer to getting my milk in quickly after the birth, especially since it's going to be a C and I'm going to need all the help I can get!

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newyorkmommy: I have colostrum in now but was dry for a quite a while and DD didn't care a bit. She is still nursing several times a day.

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Newyorkmommy:  I was dry for months, and DS never abated.  He likes to nurse even more now that my colostrum is in, though.  Your daughter will probably be a huge help!

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I am really hating nursing right now, we do it very little but it kind of makes my skin crawl. It doesn't actually hurt, just gives me the creeps. but we're so close to the end. I definitely think there was nothing there for a good long while but my daughter told me to "squeeze it" the other day to see that there is milk in there (colostrum I am sure).

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MY NIPPLES ARE KILLING ME!  I've got blisters and a crack on one of them.  I never, EVER had cracks before.  Good old Lansinoh is saving me, and fortunately it's only twice a day.  

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Pseudo- that sounds like a bad latch which is real common for toddlers during pg. Glad the lansinoh helps a bit. I would recommend making sure your ds relatches and gets the nipple all the way into his mouth, that should help a lot.
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Originally Posted by theboysmama View Post

Pseudo- that sounds like a bad latch which is real common for toddlers during pg. Glad the lansinoh helps a bit. I would recommend making sure your ds relatches and gets the nipple all the way into his mouth, that should help a lot.

Thanks for this!  I have noticed he's been really lazy about it lately.  How can I encourage him to latch on better?  

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My dd has a bad latch, too. Well, actually her latch is OK, but in addition to latching, she also likes to hold on with her teeth. Not exactly biting, just kind of hanging on. So that when we're done I have this little ring of teeth marks around my nipple. We're working on it, but I have to take her off and remind her "open wide" a lot. I'm hoping that once the baby is here and my milk comes in for real, she'll feel less of a need to clamp down like that and will either just nurse or not. We shall see ...

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