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Hi all,

This week got off to a tough start.  Sunday night I found out that one of my fellow midwifery classmates (there was only 6 of us) was in a horrific car accident.  She is the mother of 8 children (ranging from 4-24 yrs old), and was driving across country from MA with 6 kids to see the other 2,(who live in Idaho).  It would have been the first time she'd had all 8 kids in the same place at the same time.  Anyway, accident happened in the middle of the night in MN.  Her 14 year old son died, and her 7, 9, and 11 year olds were all in critical condition (one has since been released, the other two are now stable).  She, her 4 yr old and 19 yr old were all treated immediately and released right away.  Needless to say, this has rattled me in a way I hadn't anticipated.  It is horrible any way you look at it, but I am especially torn up by a) it being someone close to me and b) the tradegy that she will never get to have all 8 kids together at once.  And the fact that her family has forever changed in a moment.  My heart is breaking for my friend and her family.  Physically, they are doing OK, and they have a lot of support around them right now.  It is such a reminder that there are absolutely no guarantees in life (or birth). 


Outside of that.... thanks for the added info on camping while pregnant!  We just ordered an "8 person" tent you can stand up in, and got a new air mattress.  We'll be camping in VT.  Outside of the many bites, it may be good that you didn't end up using DEET stuff though?  I have citronella extract I mixed with almond oil too.  Probably not as potent, but I get really paranoid around chemicals.


Baby is definitely head down, but moving a ton. I can feel the head when I palpate, but when I feel kicking, I have no idea what I'm feeling.  Still, I've been going to exercise classes during lunch at work, and then spending 5 minutes on the decline bench.  I'm not worried about position at this point regardless, but it does feel nice to at least have gravity going the other direction for a few minutes a day. 


Tomorrow night we're going to Pittsburgh for a family reunion.  For all of you PA ladies, we're actually going to Kennywood Friday night too.  If my 85 year old grandpa is going, then I am too, even if we have to skip the Steel Phantom & Thunderbolt for the swan boats and train ride instead!  I'm excited for the weekend away, and to see my family.


Last weekend we put the legs on our co-sleeper we're building!  Next major step is to make the mattress.  DH bought me an old sewing machine- a Singer 457, and we've been playing around practicing on it.  We got some cute flannel to make some blankets though.  I can't wait.

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Jane - thank you! Now I know that LOA is exactly what I thought! He's been LOA at every visit except for the one he was in my back (OP). Great image!
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Oh no, Amy May. I am so sorry for your colleague's losses. I can imagine how that would affect you, and I cannot imagine what she is going through right now. brokenheart.gif

Originally Posted by Amy May View Post
Outside of the many bites, it may be good that you didn't end up using DEET stuff though?  I have citronella extract I mixed with almond oil too.  Probably not as potent, but I get really paranoid around chemicals.


No, in mid- to northern Canada at this time of year and in this kind of bug season? I will take the chemicals, hands down.


saoirse, feel free to PM. Though I will be honest and say that I don't know if I would be nearly as ambitious with 3 kiddos as we are with one pretty well-behaved 5 year old who is used to walking long distances, etc. We didn't really start going back to backcountry until I was through the dissertation gauntlet, so DS was 3yo before we really got back to it. With this one, we're talking about doing stuff again next summer, but then possibly scaling back plans for a year or two while he's in the manic toddler phase of life.

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pi - sounds like you had a pretty good trip overall. We let our tents get old & even though well taken care of both leaked. This year I've replaced our big tent but still need to replace our small, lightweight tripping tent. As we had the last ones for over 10 years I hesitate 'cause I want to make the right decision!


My last canoe trip we came across a mama loon sitting on her nest. She was absolutely not going to go anywhere despite our presence & I got a few wonderful pics of her. Such a good mama!


Where were you camping? I have found the bugs have gotten SO much better in the past couple weeks that my non-deet spray is enough for that hour in the evening the mosquitoes are out. The whole deet thing has been a real debate with me this year. Being pregnant & having ds with me I've been super hesitant to use it but then nothing else really works but then the deet stuff isn't even really effective when the bugs are really thick. I just can't seem to find a compromise I am ok with.


saoirse - The algonquin website actually has a fair bit of info on bears & other animals. There is more fear than necessary around most animals imo, although I am guilty of it myself at times!


The hard part about a canoe trip with 3 kids would be arranging everyone in canoes. You'd most likely need 2 canoes with an adult in each one but that would mean that each adult is essentially paddling alone which can be more challenging. There are lots of places you can rent canoes close to the parks & so far I've had good luck with them.


afm - I am feeling just awful today. My belly just aches (it's been doing this off & on for quite awhile now - pretty sure it's just ligament pain), I'm super overtired & just irritable. Last night I slept about 3 hours & that was all interrupted. It seems fully unfair that I cannot seem to fall asleep & stay asleep & sleep well when I am asleep.


Question for anyone who has or has had a 2 year old. I have looked in the gentle discipline thread but find that the stuff I'm finding doesn't really apply & last time I posted there I felt attacked. Ds hits & pinches. Primarily us. It's rarely out of frustration or anger or in the midst of a fit. It's not to get attention (I've been specifically watching for this the past while). It seems to be an impulse control thing. You'll be cuddling him & suddenly he pinches your arm. Or playing nicely & swings out with an arm or leg, on purpose to hit/kick. I feel like I've tried everything but he just does not seem to be able to control it. I am trying hard to understand it is a developmental moment in time but I am SOOOOOO sick of it & just want it to stop. More & more we are finding we are having difficulty controlling our own emotions when he does it & it is happening so frequently I feel like I am spending a good chunk of my day on edge.


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Rosemary ... Oh!  That's frustrating to have missed your u/s.  But great that it was rescheduled for Friday!


AKChix ... What a creepy landlord!  I'm sure he's in violation of several tenancy act laws, if you have such a thing where you are. 


Camping ... We had to get rid of our tent this year.  I took it to Burning Man a few years ago and it never truly recovered, even though it's technically fine.  It's embedded with playa dust, and poor DP gets an asthma attack the minute it comes out of bag.  So we gave it away and got a big, comfy 6 man tent. 


Bears ... I've run into bears when I've had dd in a back-carry, but not with her being on her own two feet.  At the time, we had two big dogs who loved to chase and tree bears, so they were a good distraction while I made myself big and loud and backed away.  I've seen a bazillion bears in the backcountry (and in our backyard and even one time in our kitchen!) and only ever been charged twice, both by black bear mamas.  Once when I was hiking with an autistic girl I worked with who plunked herself down in the middle of the trail and refused to move, and once when I got between a mama and her baby on a really narrow trail with blackberry bushes on either side.  Both times, the bears 'fake' charged, as in charged towards me and deked off into the bushes at the last second.  Terrifying, but considering that I've had so many bear interactions, not very surprising. 


My tips:  don't bring dogs with you into the backcountry (I'm wiser about that now. I was that kid in my twenties who brought my two big ol' dogs with me everywhere).  Wear bear bells.  Make noise.  Carry a walking stick (just in case, helps you look 'bigger').  Carry bear spray, but only if you know how to use it properly and safely.  Pay attention to the trail ahead of you.  Be aware of bear scat and tree scratches and rub points.  Stick to the main, peopled, trail.  Pack away your food up high in a bear-proof way.  Never turn and run away ... bears can outrun you and if you run they think you're worth chasing.  Be mindful of venturing out while anyone in your group is menstruating. 


Jane ... So reassuring that even professionals can have a tricky time figuring out where baby is!  Thanks for the compass.  Great reference!


Baby position ... Our baby is flopping between LOA and ROP and LOP, because, as my midwife pointed out, second time (and more) mamas' abdominal muscles don't hold baby in place quite so well.  But mostly he's LOA ... I think.  I hope! 


energy levels ... I can go go go in the morning, but about three o'clock sees me in a stupor.  It'd be okay if I could sleep, but that eludes me most nights.    I've got busy days lately, so that doesn't help.  I have to go plug-in to ambulance dispatch tomorrow night for five hours starting at 7pm so that I can get some educational credits for my paramedic license, and I bet I'll be falling asleep by about two hours in. 


lifeguard ... I hope you feel better soon! 


Amy May ... What a devastating tragedy.  I am so sorry for your friend's family and their incredible loss.  It's so true that life can change in a moment.  I see it happen at work (I'm a paramedic) and it never gets easier to witness.  My thoughts are with you.  Difficult times.  Painfully difficult times.  So sad that her children will never be all together.  candle.gif





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Amy May, that is terrible news.  So sad greensad.gif


Rosemary, good luck at your U/S. My placenta had moved when they checked it at 28 weeks.  Woo hoo!


Baby position... I am terrible at telling position.  Placenta was anterior & baby was transverse when I had the U/S, but I think maybe moved.  I mostly feel movement down by the cervix/lower belly area & on the left side, occasionally something up top.


Energy - I am completely & totally exhausted. I had a big work project over the last few weeks & now that it's over I am crashing big time.  It's funny, my energy level has been pretty high this pregnancy except for the 1st few weeks I was pregnant, but now I am suddenly beat.


I finally went through DD's baby clothes and organized by size.  I'm really going to need some winter clothes for this little one!  I've been adding to my Amazon universal wishlist... I really hope my parents offer to help buy some stuff. Even though this is #2, we have quite a few things to get ready.

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Amy May, I'm so sorry for your colleague's loss.  What a horrible accident for that poor family!  I'm sure such a thing would rattle me completely if I knew them personally, as well.  Love to you all.


Baby's position:  The thing that has helped me the most, believe it or not, is baby's hiccups.  Every single time he gets them (which seems strangely frequent these days!), I feel that little funny twitch sensation, almost always in exactly the same lower-right spot in my belly, right near my hip bone.  That plus I can feel the corresponding hard bump at the top of my uterus, which my midwife already helped me identify as the baby's bottom.  I can sort of feel the back, but I can't feel the head like she can (unless I feel it by way of hiccups).  At my last check less than a week ago, baby was posterior (but willing to turn away from the doppler into a less posterior position), and she tried to help me feel the feet.  No luck.  I couldn't feel anything but the ridges of my stretch marks, lol.  My midwife figures it all out so quickly, but her assistant is still trying to get the hang of it.  She missed my last appointment, and my midwife sighed and wished she could have been there, because baby's position would have been a good learning opportunity for her, I guess!


Canoeing:  I'm impressed!  I had the opportunity to canoe with my family this summer, but declined.  Both DH and I felt it would be too risky in the way of throwing out my back.  I've done it in two previous pregnancies with very benign motions, so I haven't wanted to risk any sort of pulling/twisting motion on purpose.  But maybe if your muscles are good and fit, it's not a problem?  The first time I threw out my back, I was bending over and scooting something light across the floor, from one side to the other.  The second time, I picked up a very small pile of clothes from my bed and twisted to put it up at the top of my closet. 


Bug spray:  It's been an awful, awful year for mosquitoes.  I've tried to stay away from DEET as much as possible, but the natural stuff just doesn't cut it when I *have* to be out in that sort of infestation.  The one night I tried natural-based repellent this year, I got 10 bites in about 20 minutes.  And when I get bites, they swell to nasty sizes.  So I was very unhappy.  That week I broke down and bought some DEET-based repellent, which helped marvelously.  Though I have tried to control my exposure by simply staying indoors in the evening hours as much as possible.  ;)


AFM:  32 weeks!  I'm officially 2 weeks past the point in time in my last pregnancy when I started suffering from SPD.  I've been seeing the chiropractor proactively for a couple months now, and I really think that's made a big difference for me.  I almost always have a constant dull ache in my pubic bone, but I'd take that happily every day for the rest of my pregnancy to not have to deal with the insanely debilitating pain of full-blown SPD.  So, yay!   I'm finding myself with a lot less energy these days, too.  While I still feel fairly agile and well, I need to sit down and rest a lot more.  My older kids start school on Monday, and I'm eagerly (and selfishly!) looking forward to the 7 hours of quiet with just my 3yo DS.  I haven't had 1 child at home alone since before my oldest was less than 2 years old, so I've been nervous for a while... but my kids have gone crazy the last week or so, and I'm just eager for the quiet at this point, lol.  And I think it will be good for 3yo DS and I to have a lot of one-on-one time before the baby comes to take away his status as baby of the family!  Still hoping his transition goes as well as possible!  In the mean time, he can learn to be my "big helper" at home, and we can both get ready for the baby together.


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Baby position: Mine has her head right in the middle under my ribs and is pretty much sitting.  Sometimes she will go a little to the left or a little to the right.  She was laying across a couple days ago, but moved back to being upright.  I'm not holding out much hope in her turning.  I've been doing the exercises.  I refuse to have my doc try to turn her (my brother almost was killed that way). 


Amy May: How heartbreaking.  I'm so sad for your colleague, her family, and all of you who know her.  I'm in Pittsburgh!  (I've never been to Kennywood, but everyone raves about the fries!)  They are filming Dark Knight in downtown through next week, so while traffic  is a nightmare, the fake snow on the cars in August is pretty cool.  Theres also a nice square with a runthrough fountain to cool off.  And at their other filming location near the university my friend saw Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway from her office window. 


Energy levels: I have none.  Iron is fine, sleep is still okay.  I'm just attributing it to baby.  I really want to feel like myself again.  I had to walk about two miles from my office to an appointment and another errand the other day.  It was so hot and muggy and I really considered sitting down and calling a cab.  Not like me at all.  I stopped in a panera just so I could sit and have a drink.


Camping: I want to go camping but my weekends are booked.  And DH has said he will not be camping with me in September.  I might pitch my tent in the backyard with my dog and blow up my matteress just to pretend.  I love sleeping outside.  Speaking of, I need to get my hammock set up.  ~Pi, sounds like an awesome trip!



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I finally got an ok night's sleep last night. Tons of dreams when I was asleep though! Most distressing was the one where dh died - oy! Unfortunately ds woke up fairly early in the night screaming & ended up in bed with me & then woke up several more times through the night screaming. He went back to sleep quickly each time but it made for a more fragmented night for me. I'm really starting to dread going to bed now 'cause I'm so consistently sleeping poorly.

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they are filming total recal here...too bad it wasn't a few years back when I though he was a super hottie....Jason Statham has been the hottie for me since ....looks like dh....yummy...lol


Bears....we have them in the woods behind the playground across the street....we used to spend a lot of time wandering in the woods with the kids until I saw the huge fresh tracks about 100 meters in from the playground....yikes....especially just me and a wandering preschooler and toddler...


they don't come into they backyards here but they did the last place i lived...and the campgound there was called Black Bear Beach...lol


if the raccons were reaking havock...good to go...as soon as it got quiet we new the bears had come in


baby posn - baby goes from trans to head down often here, I am 29 weeks


camping- dh and the kids have camped in the backyard this year....we will only be doing 1 trip away...1 night - if we go at all....I was soo looking forward to doing a lot of camping this year because dd is walking and it will be sooo much fun....last year sucked a little because I am NOT a fan of camping with a crawler- they want to be on the ground motoring all the time....precrawling and walking are perfect :)


Jane- do you have the tutorial that spinning babies had....heartbeat hickups, diff btwn head and arse, how kick placement helps you figure it out....i remember it all being there before because I used to draw dd on paper (not on my belly ...lol)


dd had her 14 mos to 2 year old needles today...first time she has been on the boob in quite a while!!!



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baby position I've been worried about this as well because she's been lying transverse lately. Prior, she was head down, but in the past few weeks she has flipped so often (at least, I think so, judging from the belly quakes). Mostly she goes between transverse and head down. I've done a few forward inversions, with DP spotting, and it seems to help for a little while before she flips again. From what I've read, it's not really a concern until maybe week 34 or 36, and that as their heads get heavier, most will turn downwards. I try to help by doing a few forward inversions and cat-cow sequences every day, and maintaining good posture. Actually, yesterday while I was at work, where I had to lean forward to reach the screen from my stool, she seemed to move into a head down position.


all the talk about camping makes me want to fit a weekend outing in before the weather gets bad. DP has been heading out to the forest every weekend to forage for mushrooms and berries, and it might be nice to make a weekend of it.


Amy May very sorry about what happened to your classmate.


lifeguard I couldn't sleep last night either. Haven't been having vivid dreams lately, though.


I started drinking red raspberry tea in the hopes that it will improve the labor and delivery. I am working through a quart of it right now. 


Swelling has been awful, mostly in my hands though. I wake up with stiff knuckles and aching hands.


My belly is round as a basketball. the funny thing is, up until a few days ago, I still had a belief that I didn't look that pregnant. But notwithstanding a few negative comments by strangers, I've actually been delighted by the changes in my body. It just seems like the most awesome transformation. Not mine in particular, but pregnancy in general.

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Amy May - I am so sorry to hear about your friend's loss.


baby position - Seems to switch between LOA, LOP, and LOT


AFM - Our dog is acting up = me up most of the night = so tired and not a nap in sight. I even had some coffee today and it is not touching the way I feel. I have to go to an event tonight with my husband at his company. I just want to go to bed until tommorrow.  

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Amy May, I had heard about that accident on WBUR the day that it happened and it was so sad to hear about, and now I am further saddened to know that you know the woman. I cannot imagine the anguish she is going through. Hugs to you.


Some friends of ours are moving to NC to go to Duke, and we were helping them out today, and I happened to score another enormous bag of clothing. Not that I need it all, but it's nice because I have another friend due in Sept. who donated all her clothes before a move and then got pregnant again.


MIL is coming for a week, arriving Saturday. Ugh. Well, I get to go off by myself to Portland for a few days on a mini-vacation while she is here and it will be a big first for DS, but he says it will be ok. I wonder...will I be okay? We'll see. DH puts him to bed every night now, and that is probably the biggest issue as far as being away.





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DH just called! He's coming home tomorrow! They almost died (which was expected) and they just called it off early. I don't know if I can handle anymore hunting trips this fall - I missed him WAY too much.

The landlord situation is stable for now and my attorney will be mailing him a letter. Now if people could just let me SLEEP, I'd be happy.

Mainly, I just have two questions for you guys... 1) Is anyone else feeling the best they have felt this whole time? I feel smaller, less awkward, and NORMAL. It's been kind of awesome. 2) I thought this was when the baby started to run out of room and the movements were less grandiose... Yet I've got a gymnast still. Is that pretty normal at 31.5 weeks?
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Originally Posted by AKChix0r View Post

Mainly, I just have two questions for you guys... 1) Is anyone else feeling the best they have felt this whole time? I feel smaller, less awkward, and NORMAL. It's been kind of awesome. 2) I thought this was when the baby started to run out of room and the movements were less grandiose... Yet I've got a gymnast still. Is that pretty normal at 31.5 weeks?

1) In general, YES.  I'm tired, but I don't think that is just due to the pregnancy.  The only thing is, I have a hard time finding a comfortable position to sit in because she's head butting my ribs.

2) She is still throwing herself around like crazy.  I'm a bit surprised too.

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1) Yes. Sometimes when I wake up, I look down at my belly to make sure I'm still pregnant because I feel so normal.

2) She's still moving quite a bit, and I'm at 31 1/2 weeks, too. 

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livacreature, I sometime have problems sitting too, but it is because of where his head is in my pelvis. I'm just relieved that I can sleep in just about any position with no pain or discomfort. It was so awful for awhile there that I thought it was just going to get worse! I feel like I'm finally enjoying thus pregnancy for the first time... Just in time for it to end. lol
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1. Definitely NOT feeling normal - it's getting harder & harder to move around & I definitely feel like I am lumbering around now (that's even less graceful than waddling!).

2. Baby moves a LOT, ds did too, right until the end.


Found out at the gym this morning that people are talking about me! Dh & I had our appointment changed & ended up joining another 2 ladies for our workout today which was fine. At one point the one lady asked when I was due & the other typical pregnancy questions  & whether the doctor was ok with me doing this & then said "that's right - I heard about you!". Too freakin' funny!


Had a good sleep last night & ds is at my Mom's today so my plan is to get some light projects done around the house today & get a good nap in!!

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I second that, lifeguard! I am definitely not feeling "normal" at all and I totally understand the graduation from waddling to lumbering. It is also literally 110 degrees here, sometimes even hotter (it is the hottest Texas summer in 31 years!!!), and I don't have a bathroom in my cabin yet so I have to go to my PIL's house to use theirs. I am getting so miserable with my condition, I just can't wait to get my own bathroom and never leave this cabin until my son is here.

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