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Drop in or hourly day care in Durham?

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Hi mamas, 


I'm going to Durham this week to find housing for my family for this fall. I'll be starting a new job at Duke University and I'm very excited!


My mom was supposed to meet me in Durham so she could watch my 17-month-old son while I look at rental houses and have a series of meeting at Duke with my new co-workers. Unfortunately, she was in an accident this weekend and can no longer make the trip. 


So I'm scrambling to find some temporary day care for my kiddo. I can bring him when looking at houses, but I really can't bring him to the meetings with my new co-workers. 


Has anyone used Green Kids by Southpoint? They seem to be the only drop-in place I can find online. They get good comments online but I'm nervous about leaving the little one at a new place where I don't know the staff (and won't really have time to talk to them much, either). 


For various reasons I can't cancel the trip nor can I leave him at home, so I really need to find a place that can watch him for a few hours over two different days.


Thanks for any advice you have, mamas. I'm pretty nervous about leaving him with strangers and would love to hear any recommendations you might have.



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PM'ed you!

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Also, check this place out



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Awesome, thank you!!

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