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Mucus plug anyone?!

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I think I may have lost mine this morning. I took a bath and was standing up to shave my youknowhwat... well.. then I grabbed hold of a LOT of discharge! Wiped and called my husband in and he asked me if it could be semen, but we'd had sex yesterday afternoon so I don't think that's what it was. It was also really strong and stretchy... clear/yellowish in color... it definitely looked like a big glob of snot! Sorry for way TMI there. whistling.gif lol. I really hope I lost mine?!?!


Has anyone else lost theirs and care to talk about it? I've had lots of labor-y feelings for the last week, but no labor yet. I know losing the plug doesn't mean that labor is necessarily on its way yet, but I'm still pretty excited to see something happening! I'll be 39 weeks on Wednesday and I'm really hoping I won't have to go past my due date... I do NOT want prodromal labor for 3 more weeks!! I'm sure you other ladies can relate.. winky.gif lol!

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Sounds like you mucous plug to me or at least a portion of it.  I lost several good size globs of it with DS over a period of a few days.  TMI, but mine looked a lot like snot--clear/yellowish and stretchy.  Yay for good signs!  I hope labor starts soon for you.

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