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Finding bodysuits for special needs son

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Hi everyone. I'm new here, but it looks like a great community! I have a special needs son who requires diapers. We have started having a problem with undressing and hands where they don't belong.  We used to use onesies or bodysuits as some call them when he was little, and are looking to use them again. Does anyone have any idea where I can find some in bigger boys sizes not just T sizes? Also we are having some issues with clothes that fit better over diapers. Most clothes for big boys aren't exactly designed for it, go figure. So any info you other parents might have would be great. Thanks so much everyone, I'm glad I found this group.

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essentialwhites.com has sizes up to 6T and they run pretty big.  For reference, my DD wears 6X shirts and the 5T onesies are HUGE on her.  I ended up shrinking them rather than exchanging them for the correct size.  She still has plenty of room to grow even after shrinking, but at least the crotch isn't sagging to her knees! LOL  I don't know of any bigger than that.  I've taken adult shirts and modified them to be onesies/rompers.  If you sew or know someone who sews that is always an option.

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Thanks for the reply. Those seem like they will still be too small according to their size chart. I can sew alright. Not the best, but I can do the basics.

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How old is your son? A mom I know with a 5 year old puts duct tape around the top of his diaper. It can't be seen in public and prevents him from taking it off or getting his hands down into his diaper.
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He's 11. He's a tall little fella. I feel like using duct tape around his diaper would be a pain at changing time. And wouldn't that hurt his skin? 

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Not a special needs mama, but I saw this pop up on new threads, and thought of this tutorial:




You may need to cut the onsie at the seams and it may not go all the way from one side to another, but it would be straight line sewing. HTH

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Thanks Texmati. That may be worth a shot! I can do that kind of sewing! I'll have to see if I have any onesies laying around big enough. 

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I would get a  short leg style unitard and add snaps!!! If  you can do basic sewing, unitards can be bought online (ebay is cheapest)--- an added bonus is that if your kiddo likes sensory input (like mine) that it provides a nice amount of pressure on the chest/body. Just add snaps to the inseams on the bottom for easy changing. 



They come in fun patterns for boys and girls (more girly stuff, but boys that tumble and do gymnastics use them) that could be worn with just pants or shorts or under clothes.


A black leotard would work in a pinch too--- they can be found in sizes from 2t- up adults. I am also sure a tailor could add snaps if needed for only a small fee if you didnt want to try to do that.


My other DD wears unitards/leotards for sensory input and they are great! The DD I am referring to uses them to hide pull-ups and to help fit her clothes better. We buy a size up than her standards size to fit her pull-up (she is 5 and is not Potty trained). Unitards come down lower on the leg so we prefer them since they are more discrete (when she wears just a unitard it does not show the pull-up) than a regular leotard, plus they contain leaks better . But both have worked well for us!


Here is  link to the type of unitard we use....we have gotten them cheaper at resale shops, ebay, and on sale at Kohls/Target. but that will show you what we use.





Another woudl be if you have onsies in 6x + than to get a snap extender. They have them on ONE STEP AHEAD online catalog. 


HEre is a website that sells SN clothes that are onsies/bodysuits for up to XXXL. They even have adaptations for Gtubes if you needed something like that.



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I have had the same problem with my daughter who is actually 6 but has Autism and isn't potty trained.  These saved my life, they are WONDERFUL!


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KC. I'll have to order a unitard and see if he will wear it. I'm not sure how he feels about tight clothes. I was looking at that special clothes site, but I think they are out of business. I sent them an email so we will see! 


Katoolus, those are perfect for runnin around the house and what not! I'm not sure about the size but I may order one just to see, they would be great if they fit. 

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Here are a couple of more options:


Special Clothing: http://www.special-clothes.com/frame21.htm

Specially for You: http://www.speciallyforyou.net/sfyunderwear.html


Plus this helpful handout from the Univ of Iowa: http://www.extension.iastate.edu/publications/pm1911.pdf

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Thanks Lynn! Does anyone know is special-clothes is still in business? Thanks for the handout! some good info. It's too bad almost all those stores listed are gone! 

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Oh no! The tape only goes around the top of his diaper, not at all on his skin. That would be awful and abusive.
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Originally Posted by PikkuMyy View Post

Oh no! The tape only goes around the top of his diaper, not at all on his skin. That would be awful and abusive.

Hence my shock. I still think I'll skip the duct tape. I feel like it would be a royal pain at changing time. It might work in a pinch I suppose though. 

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I would recommend following the above recommendations first since they have some decent inexpensive ideas.  If you run out of options or just want to pay a little extra for something that is ready to wear then Adaptions by Adrian would be the route I would go.  Her sewing and customer service is excellent.   http://adaptationsbyadrian.american-data.net/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=ABA&Product_Code=450_TO_492&Category_Code=smar_t   I have never ordered a Smar-t from her but I have ordered other items and am fully satisfied with what I bought. 

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Hi all,

My wife has been making larger size bodysuits for a friend who has a child with autism for a few years now. Based on this she has setup a business to help other families www.wonsie.com.au and have size 3 and larger bodysuits there.  If you have any questions please let me know 





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