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I received a consulting agreement which asked me to click a URL at the bottom of the email they sent me.  it said it would take me to Terms & Conditions Questionnaire.   Unfortunately, when I click on the URL, it directs me to a Log In Screen.   I do not yet have any Log In information.   anyone else have this problem?   I cannot continue my recruitment without accepting this form, and I can't even get to that page.   I sent an email to the email address that I received the forms from, and it's been 4 days with no response.  I sent them a 2nd email asking for them to advise me on this problem.    If anyone else has contact them with issues, what email address did you use.   There is nothing in all the documents that gives me a contact email.   I've read through them thoroughly.


thanks for any help.  I'm anxious to get to the testing phase and hopefully pass so I can begin working.