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Baby Moses

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My baby is here! Moses arrived at 7:24 am weighing 6 lbs 12 oz. My first unmedicated birth, in the hospital. smile.gif update when we get home! He's an amazing nurser


At about midnight on August 8th I started feeling some very very faint contractions, they were not unlike the false contractions I'd been having for weeks and weeks but when I went to the bathroom I had a bright red clot. Being 90 miles from the hospital and at my due date we decided to get on the road to get things checked out. DH and I got to town and decided to walk around Walmart for awhile to see if we couldn't get things moving a little bit...I couldn't tell what was going on because contractions were so sporadic and seemed to have no pattern whatsoever in terms of length or intensity or space between them...

Got to the hospital at 2 a.m. and contractions seemed a little stronger but nothing that convinced me "This is really it". The nurse checked my cervix and put me on the monitor...cervix was a 4 and contractions were pretty weak. We unhooked from the monitor and went for a long walk around the hospital, I'd say we walked for an hour then went back into our room so I could get into the bath. All during the walk I would stop during a contraction and my husband would do a hip squeeze on me because I was having back labor.

Being in the tub was amazing but I was getting frustrated because my contractions were still so crazy, not following a pattern...sometimes it seemed like I'd skip a contraction and some were weak, some were strong. I decided after probably 45 minutes that I wanted to be checked again because I was unsure if it was really labor since the contractions were as they were...

Nurse checked and said I was a stretchy seven which shocked me as they were still so mild... When she got me on the monitor the baby's heart rate was elevated close to the 200's so I laid on the monitor on my side with an oxygen mask until things evened out at which point I moved onto the birth ball.

Right about that time I started to freak out...I let the thoughts of doubt creep in...What if I was going to end up with a cesarean...what if the doctor comes in and advises PIT since my contractions were all over the map...I kept mentioning maybe getting an epidural...the nurse sort of ignored me, in a polite way. She knew I wanted a natural birth and seemed like she was trying to respectfully talk me out of it without saying so...

The doctor arrived and checked me at which time I was a nine and he broke my water. I was glad for this because I thought...these contractions are useless, they need to be more in a pattern and hopefully having my water broken would do that. The nurse said the contractions were unusual but they were obviously doing their job and that was what mattered. The pain was completely manageable...I wouldn't say I could talk during every contraction but definitely the majority and I was joking between them, texting friends...I wasn't sweaty or emotional besides worried about how things would go.

I laid down and labored through two contractions (Which had suddenly, from the time I laid down, gotten super painful and even worse when my OB slipped the lip around the baby's head...I pushed and he moved down quickly but it was very VERY painful and I was yelling and whimpering and swearing (Which I never do!) but out he came! What an amazing relief. No tears nor even a skid mark to my perineum.

I'm not sure if anybody will remember this but with my three previous pregnancies my placenta was labeled retained. I always felt this was bologna because IMO the doctor & midwives never waited long enough to even know that...nor did I have unusual bleeding. My current OB knew all of this and he waited for my placenta which I eventually pushed out IN TACT. joy.gif That was such a relief!

Moses is a good little eater and I had to be very un AP and convince him a paci was cool because he was trying to nurse around the clock which is impossible with the other three kids. We still get to snuggle all day long though.
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Wow!  Great job mama. :) Congrats!

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Congrats! can't wait to read his story and see pics!
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Hooray and welcome Moses!!  Can't wait for more deets and pics when you're up to it!! Congratulations, mama!!! 

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Congrats mama and welcome Moses! I can't wait to see pics and hear more about him. 


Enjoy your baby moon and great work!

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Congratulations!  Can't wait to hear details!

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Congratulations Mama, and welcome baby Moses


Enjoy the babymoon and update with pics when you can.

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joy.gif congratulations mama!

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Congratulation!! Good job :D

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Yay mama!!  Congrats, and can't wait to hear the story, see the pics, and ooooh and ahhh over your sweet little newborn!!

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Congrats! :)

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Aww, congratulations! I hope you're enjoying your babymoon time. And welcome to the world baby Moses joy.gif

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Yaaaayyy! Cheers and joy to you and baby Moses!

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Welcome baby Moses!

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Congratulations, and welcome baby Moses! joy.gif

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Welcome baby Moses & Congratulations to you!

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Updated in original post :)

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Great story!  Congrats momma.

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Sounds like an awesome labor even though contractions were a little weird for you.  He is soooooo cute!!  Congrats!

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