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Do they really wean?

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Hi, my son is 2 1/2 and I sort of fell into child led weaning. We plan on trying for another baby in the next 2-3 months and I'm wondering if he'll ever really wean on his own. I'm torn both ways. Sometimes I wish he was done and other times I can see how much he needs it and I worry that getting pregnant will speed his weaning process. I just wish I had confidence that he really will wean on his own and I wish I had a crystal ball that said it would happen before I became uncomfortable with his nursing. I gave twinges of being uncomfortable at times and wishing he didn't need it, but I can tell he needs it.

Tell me how your child self weaned. I'm looking for stories to encourage me to continue on and have confidence that he will self wean smile.gif
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You don't know your child has self weaned until after the fact. You can think its going to happen and then they get sick or something happens and they start nursing more again. 2.5 is young for child-led weaning.

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I agree with foreverinbluejeans. I thought it was weird to hear people say they didn't know when their child had weaned until it happened to us. It was so gradual that I cannot honestly say when the last time he nursed was.


For me getting pregnant & having my milk dry up was part of the process but I know many children who will continue to nurse through so it's not a given that pregnancy will cause them to wean.


I think they all will self-wean when they are ready but when that is is different for everyone.

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