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EDITED: Oops, I just saw there are several other threads with a similar question. I'll peruse those!! 


I'm pregnant with my 4th child and after two previous homebirths with a CNM (which were wonderful) I've decided to deliver in the hospital with an OB this time. My choice is due to a number of factors, the biggest being we just moved to a new state and I haven't found a midwife I feel comfortable with, but I did find a very open, natural-birth friendly OB. The hospital I'm delivering in is known for being fairly open to natural birth. But after two homebirths where I trusted my midwife completely, I feel like I need to be a bit on my guard about what is "routine" in a hospital. My first child was delivered in a hospital and it was an induction with more interventions that I wanted and complications that I hope to avoid this time around.


I have my 28 wk checkup tomorrow and want to ask my OB about hospital policies and how to avoid unnecessary interventions and make this as comfortable as possible for me. 


I know I need to ask about continual fetal monitoring so I am able to move around, but what else? It's been so long since I dealt with a hospital that I don't even know what to try and avoid!



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