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A little spotting. No need to worry, right?

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I had some red spotting yesterday for a few hours, but only when I wiped. It turned brown and eased off. Today, I have started up with a tiny bit of brown. It's not a huge deal, right, since it's not much and brown? I've never had spitting before to know if I should call or just wait it out.

What's the rational thing to do?
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same thing here but only with the brown. i can only tell when i wipe as its not really coming out of me. ugthhh. ill sit back and wait for a reply too. im not cramping or anything either but i have never had spotting in a pregnancy except when i had a miscarriage before.

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I've never had spotting with my other two, either. I'm not sure anything could be done if I call my OB, except a quick peek on the u/s. I'm not sure there's really enough spotting to warrant that, and I don't want to be over reacting.


I hope we can both get some good advice :)

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I had it from weeks 7-13 with my first, and three rounds this pregnancy (23 weeks and doing okay).  I think it is pretty normal.  hang in there, mamas...

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Thank you!


Mine picked up again and turned pink/red a little while ago. I called the nurse line at the OB's to ask about it, as I know her from my 1st two kids. She went ahead and ordered an u/s for the morning. She said that since this was day 2 and getting fresher it was good to have a look. I made clear I'm not freaking out (much!) just was trying to get an idea of WHEN to worry. I was pretty happy with that,  I'm 8w tomorrow and wasn't able to get in for my first visit until next week, so I'm happy to get an answer tomorrow--one way or another.

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I had this with my first, around 7-8 weeks along.  I did call the ob back then, and they basically said there's nothing to do but wait.  Try to relax, stay free of stress, etc.  If it's a miscarriage, they can't really stop it.  BUT, I think talking to your ob is a good thing - and I would call again if this happens this time around.


But, for me it wasn't anything.  It stopped after 2 days and everything was fine.  Well, except she's 2 years old now (and good at it)!  

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Usually if you have just a drop or two, it could be from being constipated or from having sex. The cervix is flush with blood, and barely touching it can make it bleed. Some OB's will put off pap smears until the 2nd trimester because patients can spot and then get worried that they are miscarrying. I'm surprised I didn't spot from mine at 8 weeks.

It never hurts to call your midwife or OB if you're worried. That's what they are there for.
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Cygknit, you know my story.  I have been bleeding for two weeks now.  I don't think I will ever get used to it.  It is still scary every time I see it. My bleeding keeps going back and forth from barely spotting to gushing.  It just picked up again today.  I will likely see my midwife tomorrow to check things out again. 


You'll be in my thoughts while you are waiting for tomorrow!  I swear time is going by so slow for me.  It seems like twilight zone unreal.

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Thank you all for the stories, support and advice. I'm firmly in the camp if "call if you are worried" now. Things didn't turn out like I wanted, but I am so glad I called and am not still wondering.
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Oh no Cygknit!  That is terrible.  I am so sorry to see all these losses.  You will be missed!

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I'm sorry (((HUGS))) - but I'm definitely in the "rational doesn't matter" camp and call/go in if you think something is not right.

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Thank you so much. I hope yesterday's losses were the last for the board. You guys are in my thoughts

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I am so sorry cygknit and agree you will be missed. :(


I absolutely agree with "call if you are worried"!!!  They are used to getting these calls at the doctor/midwife and you're going to be happier you called than you will be feeling anxious not having called...

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I'm so sorry ladies. It hurts so bad when you get past those first few weeks and start feelign a bit more confident and then miscarry. I'm so sorry for your losses.

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I'm glad you called & didn't have to wonder. I'm so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you.
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