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Roid Rage - so scared!

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So, I'm 35 weeks preggo and have just developed - out of nowhere - the most huge and painful external hemmroids ever!  I cannot walk, sit, or stand without excruciating pain.  I just started the herbal remedy stuff (butcher's broom, bioflavonoids, witch hazel, sitz baths, fiber-loading diet) but I'm really scared these will not go away before the baby is born and I'm wondering if it might be a reason that a doc would push for a c-section (which I totally don't want)... At this moment in time, these hemmroids are so painful, it is difficult to imagine a vaginal delivery... omg.  



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:(  I had a bout with them at 30ish weeks, but have gotten them to go away.  It was miserable though, so I understand your concern.  I did Hyland's homeopathic ointment, which worked in the past, but really wasn't bringing relief, so I got a prescription from my family practice doctor and it was significantly better within a week.  Can you talk to your OB or do you have a family doctor to call?  I was reluctant but I am so glad I did.

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I would absolutely consult your doctor...  


After my first, the hospital gave me preparation H (which was AWESOME) and I also used lidocaine spray (don't know if either are okay during pregnancy). A sitz bath used regularly also works pretty well, but slower.  There are also foods (like fiber, water, prunes) that should help a little - the idea is to avoid constipation and keep things moving smooth - so you don't strain bm's.  


I'd like to be able to say that the vaginal birth won't affect it, but they will likely get much MUCH worse afterwards.  For me, they subsided within a week or so of giving birth, but if you can minimize them now you'll be doing yourself a big favor.   Though, that being said - I didn't use any pain meds and didn't even notice the hemroids during labor.  Although I got one of those donut pillows to sit on afterwards :)  (lol - at least it's funny in retrospect)

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