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WA exemption law

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we just moved to Olympia and our school district told me I couldn't register until the end of the month.  which was apparently the wrong information AND I just found out about this new law for vax exemptions. of course.  Had I gotten the right info. we would have been done and ready to go (we moved here last month) but now I need to follow the new law guidelines. 


Since we just moved we don't have a WA lic. family doctor and I don't have any RNP nurse-type friends to sign off on this form.  Our new insurance (group health) won't allow us to go to a naturopath until we've already seen a reg. MD for the same issues.   


Can someone brainstorm with me? I don't want to blindly call a dr and have them be totally anti-vax, but I have to get this done by the end of the month. It can be signed by a MD/DO/ND/AP/RNP.  I have no clue about the area, what cheapy options I have, etc. I'm overwhelmed as it is with just unpacking and keeping the kiddos busy. 


Thanks for any ideas/help!

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Does the school district have an ARNP? If so, you could increase your odds of her agreeing to meet with you by saying you are on the fence, so she'll have some hope of possibly converting you.


Here's an ARNP who is about 30 minutes from you.


It looks like she takes most insurance, and it looks like she is vaccine-choice friendly.

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I might just try and find a dr. in our insurance group and see if they can just help me.  Does anyone have any feedback regarding these two doctors? 

Davis, Bonnie J, MD family medicine
Larson, Lawrence A, DO ped and ped allergy  (my son(dkdkd (my son has allergy issues we need to explore more, so the DO might be a good fit)
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