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Need outside opinions on a name.....

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We do not know the sex of this baby, but have had a boys' name for quite awhile (Nicolas River and will be called Nico).

Our son's name was an easy decision as well, Kai Sebastian. Kai means wave in Hawaiin (we honeymooned in Hawaii and my husband is also a surfer), and ocean in Japanese, as well as a symbol in many japanese words ( I speak Japanese and my husband is a marine biologist). Not to mention it is "keeper of the keys to the earth" in scandanavian, and I am from scandanavian descent. So, to us the meanings are very important.

We are having an awful time deciding on a girls name! We didn't even have one picked before Kai was born, so "luckily" he was a boy because he would have been a nameless girl!

We have gone through many names, but none have stuck (Sage, Lily, etc). My husband likes my middle name, Victoria, but it is too traditional for me and I don't like names that can be shortened (for girls), like "Vikki".

We have come up with the name "Ren" for a girl, with the middle name being Margaret (my grandmother's name) or Victoria, my middle name. Ren means water Lily in Japanese and also Lotus. I am a yoga instructor, and we practice Buddhism, so the meaning is significant.

My question is; is Ren too out there? I like the one consonant like, DS name, Kai. We would do Wren, but my husband is from Nicaragua and he said in spanish they may pronounce the "W" too hard. But here, Wren is more likeky to be recognized.

Thanks for your honest opinion!!!

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It is unique, but I don't think it is "out there".  Even though I have typically seen it "Wren", "Ren" isn't unfamiliar or something I would raise an eyebrow at.

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I think Ren is pretty-- not too out there at all.  Really good choice!


Now I just need some...

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Wren was our top pick had this one been a girl.  I absolutely love the name!

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I, too, have only seen it Wren, but I think Ren is absolutely fine.  And it's a lovely name, to boot.

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I really like it!

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I think it's just perfect! I love the way Kai and Ren sound together. I actually have a friend who was named Ren (a boy) but now he is a she and called Colleen. It's cool that both Kai and Ren have related Japanese meanings, very aquatic names. Your DH is right, Victoria is a beautiful name. Nicolas is also very beautiful, and River is aquatic again. All around, great choices IMO. thumbsup.gif

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Thank you everyone! Amazing how this little girl's (or boy's!) name has been keeping me up at night! It is nice to have outside opinions.
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I like Ren a lot.  I actually think I even like it better with that spelling than Wren.  I also love your DS's name and your name for if this babe is a boy.  I think all of them are different, but not far too far out.

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I like it! I would think it's a nickname for a longer name but I still like it on its own...and better than Wren. 

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I really like it, too! I like it spelled both ways and I love the meanings. I think it is a lovely girls name!

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I do like it better spelled Wren.
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I love the sound of it, and I love the spelling, Ren. It goes really well with Kai. I don't think it's too out there at all! 

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