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Sleep help for an almost 7 month old!!!!!

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How do I get this kid to sleep on her back....without her Mama.?!


I am not against co-sleeping, but doing it every night for 8-9 hours leaves me very stuff, achy, and unrested.  I need a better solution.


And the reason I ask about her back is because we put her to sleep on her tummy, and she will sleep ok for a couple of hours, but then she rolls over in her sleep and seriously, the kid is like a turtle on its back.  As soon as she rolls over, she wakes up and her arms and legs start moving.  Even if you put her down asleep on her back, she can't seem to stop moving her arms at all, no matter what!  We swaddled her until she was 5 months old, but then she started rolling from her back to belly while swaddled and I was not comfortable with that continuing and if we tried to loose it just a little, she would get her arms out almost instantly and then, her arms started moving constantly.


Of course, she sleeps like a dream curled up against me, but aside from the waking up tired and stiff, sometimes my 2.5 year old wakes up early, and it's impossible to slip out from underneath this kid and not have her wake up instantly, and sometimes that means she gets woken up 1-2 hours early in the morning.


I feel like I must have been smug with how easy and wonderfully my first one slept/sleeps!





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Maybe consider putting a pillow on either side of her (like a boppy or some non-fluffy pillow). I know, some people would not want pillows anywhere near baby, but we all resort to what we resort to. Mine slept better like this -- like having a body there, keeps them snug.

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I have tried that, and it didn't work.  Maybe it wasn't high enough to keep her from rolling over?  I do have a sleep positioner I never used I could maybe try.  I'm also wondering if removing the pacifier might help her settle better.


All I know is that she rolls over onto her back in her sleep, and she immediately wakes up .  Even when rocking her to sleep, her arms and hands keep moving for 10-15 minutes after she has fallen asleep, and then if you put her down on her back, she eventually wakes herself up with all the movement.


And then I pull her into bed with me and she'll sleep 4-5 hours straight which is great but my body is so achy every morning afterwards. 

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