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Irritated and out of room

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Myself, DH, and DS share our queen size bed.  Dh really wants to move him to his pack n play (we never got a crib) and I'm starting to agree because (8 month old) DS will roll and squirm and headbutt and kick for a good 20 minutes or longer if he's not 100% willing to sleep.  Its not only annoying right now but he's so into it that its painful because he hits us without holding back on his strength.  Even once he's asleep he'll scoot so far into us that I get pushed up onto our Bed Bug bumper and DH gets kicked out of bed completely.  I love the little dude but its to the point where I get out of bed and let DH put him to sleep and consider sleeping in the other bedroom or on the floor.  I even nearly get pushed out of bed when DH leaves early for work and its just me and the baby!  Its a queen size bed and I get delegated to sleeping halfway off the edge.

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Sounds reasonable to me to move him to a pack and play.  And I'm not be sarcastic or anything, I do think it sounds reasonable!  thumb.gif


I have an 8 year old and a 6 year old.  It's been a long time since they were 8 months old, but I do remember it well.  My oldest child was a tosser and turner, all night long.  There was no way I could sleep with her.  We co-slept, but no one was sleeping, know what I mean?  I finally had to get her out of my bed at 12 months old.


Now, my younger one - she goes to sleep and doesn't move all night.  Nothing.  Still as a turtle.  So I could sleep with her just fine.


And you know what?  All these years later, they still sleep the same way!  smile.gif  The 6 year old will get in bed with me and not move all night.  The 8 year old loves to get in bed with me, too, and she's not nearly as bouncy as she used to me, but she still tosses and turns, and now she yells out in her dreams, and laughs out loud - that is pretty funny, I have to say!  lol.gif  But there are times when I tell her that I just cannot sleep with her tonight because I need to get a full night's sleep or I'm really extra tired, or sick or whatever.  And it's all fine.


I guess that is my point - it's all gonna be fine.  If you choose to put him in a pack and play to sleep because you and your DH need to get your own rest, it will all be fine. 


Co-sleeping is something that evolves over time.  It might work great when they are younger or when they are older, it depends on the kid and the parent.  It's a partnership - it's not a one-sided thing.  It's not all weighted towards the child.


Well, geesh - I didn't mean to go on and on.  winky.gif  I just saw your post and remembered the "good old days" and thought I'd respond. 


Best of luck! love.gif

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I never needed a crib for my first son, he was such a sound sleeper it was bliss. My second son was far too mobile for me to consider that, so we put him in a crib from very early on and he thrived in it. My third was a girl, and she needs a combination of the 2. She was starting off in her crib and I would take her in bed with me when she woke several hours later. The day I saw her trying to climb out of her crib was the day I made it into a co-sleeper. Now she is much more content, I think if I had started off with a co-sleeper she would have been ok with it, but I know that she was not able to sleep just in my bed with me.


I guess I am saying is only you know the best for your child, if one thing does not work you can try somethings else. I would be wary of placing an older baby in a playpen or crib if they are the "climbing type" (my first and third are climbers my second would not have attempted it at all) that is up to you to decide.


My first climbed out of his playpen at 9 mths old, my third climbed onto the rail of her crib at 10 months old. My second even now has trouble getting over the baby gate and he is 6 years old.


I guess I am trying to say all kids are different and you as the mother is the best to judge what they need and what is best for your family.

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Of course and he crawled out of bed twice since I wrote this last night!!  The second time I was in the bed and he went right over our bed bug bumper.  So how do I move him?  We tried before to wait until he went to sleep but he'd always wake up right before we set him down.

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It's been a while since I've done this, but I'll try to remember...


Read the No-Cry Sleep Solution.  There are good tips in it.  The gist of it (as I can recall) is that you want to put your baby down in the crib/pack and play/whatever when they are still drowsy, not fully asleep.  You are helping them to get the hang of falling asleep on their own by doing this. 


I know there were little tips/tricks for helping this happen without all the crying, but I'd have to go pull the book off the shelf to remember. 

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Originally Posted by WifeofAnt View Post

Of course and he crawled out of bed twice since I wrote this last night!!

Oh, I remember the time my oldest rolled right out of the bed at 8 months old while I was sleeping.  DH was downstairs and heard her thump against the floor.  Scared us so much! 


Safety is #1 with co-sleeping.  So make the changes you need to make to keep everyone safe and everyone getting a good night's sleep.


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I'll try that No-Cry Sleep Solution book when I can get around to it. redface.gif  It wasn't totally without tears but he spent the first part of the night in his Pack N Play.  Daddy got him to fall asleep in his arms and transferred him to the PnP.  He woke up and started crying (poor thing, I felt like a bad mommy for not scooping him up immediately) but he was able to shush him down in about 30 seconds.  He woke up a few hours later for Bubbie and I brought him back to bed.  He is much easier to sleep with later in the night.

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