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Long weekend destinations with a toddler

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We live in CT, and are thinking of taking a 4 day weekend in September to somewhere within 3-4 hours. We are open to pretty much anywhere as far south as New Jersey, and as far north as Maine.  Our budget is modest, but we have enough that we won't be camping. I am just looking for ideas for where to go with a toddler. DD is 16 months old and we want to include her and do at least one day of cool toddler stuff and one day of beach (lake or ocean).  Any brilliant ideas?

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Come to Providence!  My little guy is just a few days older than your daughter.  The Providence Children's Museum has a water play room and other areas perfect for their age; the Lippitt Park farmer's market will be outdoors through October on Saturday mornings and is a super fun scene w little ones (adjacent to a playground; live music; tons of kids); and of course we have endless ocean and lakes and hikes.  Depending on the weather (I can't believe it would be warm enough to play in the water into September, Pulaski State Park, abt 45 min west of Providence, has a perfect little beach/ lake for small kids.


Tons more ideas here:


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We're heading up to NH and are hoping to hit some waterfalls to do some swimming!

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