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The Little Bee Company?

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Hi all, 


I did a search but didn't find this topic elsewhere in the forums, but if I've missed it, please feel free to move my thread or throw a link at me.


I'm doing research in preparation for a cloth diaper stash, and The Little Bee Co. just came onto my radar today.




Do any of you have any experience with their diapers? Their mission seems really cool -- when you buy from them, they donate cloth diapers to orphans in need. But I can only find one or two other reviews of their products online, so I'm not sure about quality vs. price vs. the other brands available.


Are any of you using these diapers?


Thanks in advance.

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I have a diaper from Little Bee company and I really love it. I think there probably aren't reviews yet because they're really new.

Aside from the obviously awesome mission of donating a diaper for everyone bought, I'd definitely buy these diapers anyway. I have the bamboo shell and hemp inserts and it is one of my favorite diapers and probably my favorite pocket diaper. The hemp inserts are awesome they are the exact same thing as the rumparooz hemp if you've ever seen them. They snap in different ways so you can customize the absorbancy. The pocket has an elastic front which makes for a weird fit unless you stretch it out when you put on the diaper. I like it though it has contained some serious stuff. The inside has stayed soft after multiple washings I line dry the cover and toss in in the dryer once in a while. The color ( I got the light blue I think it's African rain) is gorgeous. Very vivid. It's a really high quality diaper I reach for it as soon as it's clean. I have cut myself off from more diapers for a but but if I was still building my stash I would have more than one of these.


Also the customer service is outstanding!

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