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A Cough Again....SCREAMING

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It figures... as soon as I say we are over this crap it comes back. I am so frustrated. Tristan started coughing again after having been clear for about a month....I don't know what to do? Would it be benefitial to take him into the dr or not? I am supplementing him with Vit C, Collostrum, and Grapefruit Seed Extract. It may be allergies..I just don't know......
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A very trustable and totally unconventional doctor says the best for coughs is expose the baby to dry and cold air. He reccomends opening the freezer door and let the child breath there. I know it sounds very weird, since everybody reccomends warm steem, but I can say it works marvellously and there is an explanation behind it that has to do with dilation/constriction of the respiratory vias. Sorry about my poor English, I'm tired today.
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If your child hasn't been to the doctor at all for the cough, you could take him in once to rule out any kind of infection. I assume that you've got a doctor that you trust to make a reasonable and thorough evaluation, or you wouldn't go.

Then if nothing conclusive shows up, you could start investigating allergy possibilities. Have you read "Is this your child" by Doris Rapp, MD? It's a great book on kids and allergies.
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Well I caved and took him in. It was a new dr and I can't say I was impressed. He checked his chest, ear, nose and throat. 5-10 mins tops. Says well he has a little fluid in his ears but everything looks great. He probably just has a virus. Here is your bill and I will give you a prescription for cough syrup. Nice to meet you. ($81 later)....I can't believe they can charge that for that little bit of info....duh I could have told him that. Oh well.. I should know better. I wish we had a good naturopath or homeopath. I am so tired of conventional drs.

Edited to add: I think it is allergies. He played in the yard this afternoon and now his eyes are all swollen. He hadn't had any of that when we were in the dr. office. Oh well.....
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Did you talk about the possibility of allergies with the doc? I know that's usually useless, and a conventional allergist isn't always much better. It sounds like you are observant enough to figure out the allergies on your own. Have you read that book I suggested by Dr. Doris Rapp?
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No I have not read that book but want to get it. Add it to my long list....LOL I am not sure what it is. I suspect allergies but he is coughing and I haven't ever heard that with allergies. We did discuss it a little with the dr. but T didn't have any of the signs until we got home. Go figure..he didn't cough for the dr. either. He didn't ask me about vax's though.....YEAH
He ran a fever most of the night and I caved and gave him Tylenol because it was getting high. Pretty normal for him but he was really uncomfortable. I usually let the fever do what it is supposed to do..I don't know what my problem was yesterday.....LOL
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Allergies could be it but unlikely with a fever. HAve you thought of consulting a homeopath by phone. I know mine treats people all over the US she is WONDERFUL. She is about 2 hours from me so must of my consulting with her is by phone. I knwo she has helped my allergy child tremedously and when my kids have coughs it helps alot along with the Sodium ascorbate (VIT C).
If yo are interested in calling the homeopath email me privatly i will direct you in the right direction. I mean it couldnt hurt. hop he is better soon.
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