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Totally can't believe it's really true either - and already getting impatient and it's only been 5 days since I found out! I can't even imagine how impatient I'm going to feel over the next few weeks. I was just telling my husband today I want to get the show on the road! I want the big belly already!


In other news, my mom just outed us on Facebook so now there's really no way for us to wait the usually 12 weeks! It was accidental - she said she doesn't know how to "hide" her messages on FB, meaning she didn't know how to send my aunt a private message instead of posting on her public wall that I'm pregnant. But I'd rather people hear it from me before it really gets around so now we're trying to email everyone we can think of and then do a really public online announcement. It still freaks me out to be putting it out there so early on, but I'm not sure what else we can do that this point.   


Does this kind of stuff happen to anyone else? I had a hard time imagining how to keep it under wraps for months to begin with and now I can hardly believe anyone does it!  oops.gif

I feel horrible about this, but this is why we haven't told my parents yet. I've told friends who I KNOW won't post on facebook, but my mom and his mom aren't that savvy! My mom already outed a cousin via facebook and she thought she was being discreet. Silly mom. That's definitely not the only reason I haven't told them, but it's certainly a factor!


I am starting to get the queasyness now. I'm less tired than I was in the first two weeks, but more achy feeling all over every morning. I swear, I've never been so hungover in my life, and I"m not drinking a drop!


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This is exactly why I'm nervous about telling anyone! Luckily, the few people who know are good about keeping it quiet - at least so far! When my husband told his BFF, she screamed so loud and starting dancing, so her kids demanded to know what was going on. This included her 14 year old twin girls, so we've sworn them to secrecy...hopefully they keep it under wraps (I remember being AWFUL with secrets at that age). 


Somehow I doubt that we'll be able to keep it quiet until the 12 week mark, but we'll try. My biggest concern is work finding out. 

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Hey ladies, going to jump right in here. I got my "yeah you're pregnant!"  from my nurse practitioner August 5th (two days before DSS 3rd birthday). I have had two miscarriages in the past and this is my first pregnancy that I feel.... GREAT about. This is will be our first child together and my husband couldn't be happier.


We've went ahead and told quite a few people. We live in a small town and between me (I'm so excited I can't contain it) and my parents everyone who needs to know knows. We aren't saying anything on facebook until 3 or 4 months into the pregnancy. For now telling friends and family face to face has been working. I know some would say caution and perhaps we did tell people too soon. But the way I look at it, keep this a positive thing. If I am positive about this pregnancy and stay aware of myself and my limits I can deal, y'know.


So far I've had normal nausea, especially when I am hungry. I'm tired and require a couple more hours of sleep and I have started eating small meals frequently to curb the nausea. Anyone been to the doctor or midwife and had discussions about HCG levels yet? I was at 640 last week. Tomorrow I go to the OBGYN (who I am not too sold on yet) for more blood work. I'll let you ladies know how it goes! And I am so excited for everyone! biggrinbounce.gif

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