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Worried about one of my boys

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uhoh3.gifokay so Ive read all the posts on here and it kind of eases my mind, Im just really worried about one of my twins. I am 32 wks and DS1 on the left moves constantly, but DS2 on the right never moves, I always get two heartbeats at my checkups but I can never feel him moving. The doc said I should feel 12 movements per hour from each, but I am lucky to get DS2 to move once a day, and when he does move its a very faint, light poke and DS1 pretty much karate kicks and punches me, probably more than 12x an hour. Maybe DS2 is transverse and I am mistaking his kicks for his brothers?? Im not sure... Or maybe his placenta is in the way of me feeling his movement?? Idk!! Its nervewracking!! Im so worried about him.

Well I have an NST and Ultrasound in two days, so maybe that will also help ease my mind, Im just worried that there might be something wrong. I will post what I find out Friday, for those who are interested... and please dont hesitate to comment on what you think or any advice you may have. Thanks slingtwin.gif

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I had an ultrasound with every check-up during my pregnancy because we could never find all three heart beats. I expected to see a problem with DS2 every single time since I never felt him move.  But, every time I saw him, he was just as active as the other two.


I remember how anxious I was about not feeling him, so I understand what you are going through.


I hope everything looks great at your NST.

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I felt the same as you, and was just so grateful that I had my own fetoscope and was pretty good at using it. One of my placentas was anterior, but also B is just a mellower baby. Hugs to you. I empathize with your worry.
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I didn't feel Corbin (my baby B) much after around 28 weeks...turns out he flipped head down so it was just the way he was laying compared to his brother.  I went to L&D once to check for movement because I was so worried.  I was always so nervous before any ultrasounds...even the one on the day I was induced (37 weeks 2 days).

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Both of my boys were transverse the entire pregnancy. In one of the ultrasounds we actually saw them playing together and wanting to get into each other's sacs. I also only felt D, R rarely moved. It's all down to personality, I think. R is only now starting to be really active at 4 years old and D has mellowed a little and now he is content to just sit and amuse himself. I always used to joke that I had a Pooh and a Tigger, and now their roles have reversed. I'm sure that R moved because on the U/S we could see him move and it was slower than his brother, but I couldn't really feel him.

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I rarely felt my Twin B, too, and it worried me a lot. Once I went into to L&D to check, and when it showed she was fine and active as ever, it was such a relief. The nurses there said to NOT hesitate to come and check if I had a worry - better to have the relief that all was well then have something horrible happy that maybe could have been prevented (not that all problems can be prevented). Anyway -- you are not alone -- and  hope the NST goes well.

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