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My kids are all still young, but we're thinking of getting them a computer for christmas...  I'm due with #4 in december, and there are a few sites that would be good for them rather than me putting them in front of the tv when i need a sanity saver.  So... if you have one for your kids...  where is it?  Would you have done anything different in terms of placement?  The room I'll be in most would be the family room/kitchen (they're both kind of open to each other) but thats also the room with the tv (which I dont forsee to be a problem).  I'm thinking closed in a cabinet so its only out when i want it, but those seem pretty cramped space wise...   If you have a computer for your kids, how is it setup (physically -- my husband is in IT, so I'm not worried about actual security settings... i'm giving him a list of programs/sites and that will be ALL it will be able to access). 



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The "kid's computer" is in the playroom on a cheap computer desk.  They never use it.  We have a netbook they use more and that gets dragged all over the house. 

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Ours is in the family room / office that is adjacent to the living room and dining area / kitchen. It's where I do my work from home and it's very central. It gets used a ton (I have four kids, two teens and two pre-teens). It's nice to feel like the kids are still part of the family even when they're busy on the computer.



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