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I wonder how old is old enough to be left in the car while a parent runs into the store? I'm not talking on a super hot day (though, with an older kid, the car could be on with A/C running and the doors locked).  I know it depends on the kid, the town, etc., but, I was thinking about it, b/c people let kids walk home from school alone, or walk to a friend's house alone, or stay home alone, or stand outside a store or bathroom alone.  So, there has to be a point, before like age 16, where it's acceptable to leave a kid in a car and run in for an errand. 

IMO- it varies.  I am comfortable with it for a SUPER short errand within sight with my oldest (almost 10.)



Once I would be comfortable with them getting through the parking lot alone, or being at that store alone, I suppose?  I won't leave mine outside of a large shopping area (Target/Walmart) but would outside of our local grocery store and MIGHT if the littles fell asleep and I realized I forgot xyz when I got groceries.  I'd stop at the smallest store in the larger own, but I might be out of sight for 5 minutes or less.  I'd probably try to avoid that, but if the weather was ok and I was in a pinch- sure.  In another couple years when DD has her cell phone I'd be fine with it.

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I think here in maryland you have to be 8 years old. If you are caring for another child it's 12/13 I believe.

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I suppose it's best to know the laws of your state and the decide the maturity level of your children. Here in Texas I can leave my 8 yr old in the car. We're in an are that if it was a cool day and the windows were open I'd come back to find a few of her friends and a mom standing outside the car talking to her. It wouldn't be an issue. And yes I've done this once. DD wanted a snack after school and so I stopped across the street to get it but she didn't want to get out of the car... lazy and I'm her maid. So I can understand how some situations can be okay. I just think it's hard for some people to imagine seeing a few small kids in a car in a busy parking lot. That's hard to see for me as well.

It doesn't sit right to for me. Though my mom used to leave me in the car while she went in the local gym to work out. Or she'd leave me in the car for doctors appointments and the time she got a crown... Oh and the time she went on a date and didn't want to pay for a babysitter... she had the money she just wanted to get a new dress. He turned out to be a fireman and gave my mom the what for over that one.
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