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Just went on a walk/run this morning (met a friend and we ended up chatting and walking more than planned ;) ) and it felt great!  I shoved a spoonful of peanut butter in my mouth before leaving and drank some water.  Now I'm eating some honey greek yogurt!  Feeling good thus far! (I'm somewhere in the seven-week window).

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Went for a run yesterday morning and had some crackers, a smoothie, and a bowl of granola before I left.  After about a mile I stopped gagging every now and then (a sound my son has now perfected) and it felt great!  I probably got in 3.5-4 miles.  I ran really slow, like probably could have walked faster at parts but I finished and felt so much better!  Then I ate a croisant and drank water slowly. I have to say, yesterday was a lot better with m/s.  I don't understand how it makes sense but running really does make me feel better.  Took a nap with DS and then ate as many noodles, olives, capers, and tomatoes that I could...seriously like four servings, but, I felt better this morning too.  Going into week 7!

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It is HARD to get out of bed at Dark-Thirty in the morning (aka, hitting the road at 5:30 a.m.), but that's the only time I can get a run in since dh has some stuff at church at 7a.m., we like to get schooling done in the mornings, and then it's too hot to run anyway!!  I'm hoping to get out and run tomorrow morning!!

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I did a workout on Tuesday. Felt ok. Moved slower than pre preg with plenty of breaks. Afterward I just felt tired. Then I had some spotting. Just when I wiped. Pink mostly. But red a couple of times. It is gone now. Think I will be scaling things down a bit now.
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hmm, slower does sound better with spotting. I am sorry, that sucks.  I am planning on trying to run today.  Yesterday I had a somewhat better day with ms and it might be because I ate french fries at dinner.  I also had a protein drink in the afternoon and some cashews.  I am starting to think I wasn't getting enough protein.  Going to work on that more.  Trying to have inspiration to be more active but just feeling tired and yuck.

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i eat crap during pregnancy too.  i crave the most random things.  Smoothies from Smoothie King, Cheesesteak subs??, Publix Ultimate Boardshead subs, random crap.  I really crave the protein too...which I something I don't get much of otherwise.  And I crave soda.  And I never drink soda.  I NEVER eat fast food - but man i have been fantasizing about a Big Mac lately.  mmmmmmmmmm.....


I ran last week twice in Florida - flat, fast, but i struggled as usual - my heartrate is just so elevated lately.  Only 3 miles each.  Then the MS hit bad and I laid off for about 4 days.  Ran last night and got almost 5miles in.  It felt good to push on, was slow, and hurt.  I wonder when a run will feel good again.  I think so much has to do with the heat right now.  But then again, it wasnt too bad last night....


Who knows!


just want to keep getting out there.  I was suprised that at no point during my run last night did I think to myself 'this doesn't feel 'right''.  so i need to just keep pushing myself out the door.  it always feels great to complete a run.



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Originally Posted by zenproof View Post


just want to keep getting out there.  I was suprised that at no point during my run last night did I think to myself 'this doesn't feel 'right''.  so i need to just keep pushing myself out the door.  it always feels great to complete a run.



That's awesome!  And really, that's how I've felt every time I've gone out for a run since discovering baby #5 growing!  I figure if it doesn't feel right, I won't.  I'll slow down, scale back, etc... until I find something that feels right. :)


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I think I may try to use this thread as a log of activity and maybe a bit of motivation. I have so little energy in the evenings, and it's really upsetting me. I think my lack of energy is actually partially caused by my lack of physical activity. The only really reliable activity I get are ten minute walks across campus 3x a day 4-5 days per week. Last year (2010 and earlier) I was super active; I swam, biked, and ran regularly in training for triathlons, and LOVED it. That kinda broke down with grad school ramping up. I don't intend to go back to that intensity during pregnancy, but I feel weak and I don't want o keep feeling this way!


So, last week I jogged 20 minutes, with a couple walks when my belly felt tight. Then I got a chest cold and wicked sore throat, so did nothing for a week. 


Today I jogged for 25 min. I did a fartlek and quickly my belly tightened up, so I decided to chill and just jog the rest of the way. Afterward I did 10 bw squats and 20 lunges. Man my legs are out of shape! But I feel fantastic.


Hopefully this keeps up. I would LOVE to run in our annual turkey chase 10K this year. I could settle for a 5k if 10 is too much too quick. I'd like to do a half mary or a olympic tri sometime next year...it's good to have goals. ;)

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I'm with you.  The weather here in MT is starting to cool down, and it has been rainy.  I haven't been out for a run in... almost a week!  I feel blech.  I need to get off my tush, but I'm also in graduate school, so finding the time is hard. 


What's your field, btw?  I'm a philosophy phd candidate.


Here's a bit of motivation:



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Oh my gosh I feel like a wuss! I cannot believe that lady was able to do a marathon then give birth, how awesome is that?  I have started with walking more and I do feel better if I walk multiple times a day. I get 2-4 miles in depending on where I go in the neighborhood.  The problem is that it seems to be a tricky balance between enough exercise to give me energy and then a little bit more pushes me over into exhaustion and nausea.  I was hoping to get a short jog in today with DS in the stroller.  I feel a little hesitant but will just stop if it is too much. Nice to hear that others are ramping back up now too!

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Uh, wow. A marathon at 39 weeks?! I decided not to do a half marathon at only 11 weeks. Heh.


DSD wanted to do a 5k last Saturday (her first) so I agreed to go along with her for that. DH was bummed I wouldn't run the half marathon with him, but the alternative worked out nicely. I had resolved myself to not do any running and probably to skip the local marathon event next May, but it did feel good to get out and move about. The problem is, soon the ice and snow will be here and I don't want to be out in that. I've fallen before on winter runs, without any baby counterbalance. And the gym is just so blah. Trying to convince myself to go and lift some weights a few days a week again or join a group fitness class or something.

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A marathon at 39 weeks sounds pretty awesome. I wonder how it physically feels to be bouncing a pregnant belly for that long? I guess she rant hrough pregnancy, so her muscles and ligaments must have developed gradually to support that weight. I'm also assuming she must have worn *some* kid of support. This was her third pregnant marathon! The others were in the second tri though, according to the article.


I'm a bit sore today! Shows me how horribly out of shape I am. I'm going to slowly plug away at this. If I didn't have so much stat homework to do before class I would go to the pool. Or so I tell myself. Man, getting into a comp swimsuit right now won't be fun. 


Aletheia - Yay for fellow grad students! I'm in a business school kind of researching in an area where economics meets psychology. I was a philosophy undergrad with dreams of one day going to grad school for symbolic logic. I thought I would devise a logic framework such that we could apply some of the level of rigor of economics to other social science arguments. Oh the many paths our lives can take. :) 



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I guess she didn't run the whole way- her time was over 6 hours.  But still.  Geez.


RosieL- what an interesting academic niche you've found for yourself!  I'm glad to have another grad student around here, too.


Didn't run today, either.  :(  It's easy to blow off now that it is so cold outside, and most of my running tops keep riding up.  I looked online at getting maternity running shirts, and YOWZA, my budget won't allow for that.  XL section of the goodwill, here I come.  Someday.  ;)

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Yeah, she ran half, walked half, and THEN went out to lunch before making her way to the hospital...I feel truly pathetic now :p

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Anyone else still running?  I went ahead and joined a gym, as it's too cold for me outside now.   And it's a good thing, too, because running inside on the track has been really advantageous because I can't seem to run for 15 minutes without needing to pee!  Seriously- a 30 minute run yesterday, and I peed before beginning, potty break in the middle, and at the end.  I think my bladder is just getting squished as I run.  But I'm glad to not be outside and away from a bathroom.


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I'm not so much a runner but I do spin class 3 days/week and cardio and yoga another 2-3 days/week. I work out at the YMCA and all of the instructors are awesome about making sure my form is good and I'm not pushing too hard. I stopped working out when I was pregnant with my daughter and I gained so much weight with her and was VERY out of shape. I'm determined to do better this time! I hadn't gained anything up until Halloween.. then I was regretting "checking" half of my daughter's chocolate from trick or treating. haha

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LOL.  As I read this, I am eating "just one more" starburst from the halloween candy stash.  :)

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I'm not working out at all, am very dissatisfied with this, and am trying to figure out how to fix the situation. It's not pregnancy, it's school that's keeping me from exercise. :-/ Thanks for bringing it up. I need to get my butt in gear.

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I'm not a runner, but avid disc golf player. The course I play has a lot of elevation changes and is quite a workout (about 3 hours to play all 27 holes). I was playing once a day up until month 2 and the exhustion got the best of me. I'm slowly trying to make my way back. My only worry is I will end up with a seperated pubic bone like I did my first pregnancy. That took forever to heal up!

Asides from that, I want to swim more and stay active. I feel like I'm coming out of a coma, I was sooo exhausted first trimester.

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