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PraxisI ?!?

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hey wonderful mamas. Have any of you taken the Praxis I? I need to as I am entering a M. Ed. program this fall and I am totally freaked out by it! I have always been a really good test taker, didn't prepare for the SATs and did awesome etc but the last math class I took was 8 years ago, my freshman year of college. Since then a child has eaten all of my extra brain cells (seriously, doesn't it feel that way sometimes?) and I am scared I won't remember any of it. I am not worried about reading/writing, just math is TERRIFYING.


Help me out Mamas, curb my fears or offer some advice?!?!?


Thankfully I won't have to take the Praxis II as I am going for Special Ed.

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The Praxis I was really no biggie for me, but I took it while I was in my 3rd year of my undergraduate degree so things were relatively fresh.  I was only required to take one semester of math for my degree, which I took the first semester of my freshman year, so it wasn't as fresh as a lot of the things, but I still did ok enough to pass (and I'm terrible at math!).


Good luck!  Maybe look up some Algebra and Geometry refreshers online.  I'm sure you'll do great!

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It is a really easy test.  They just want to make sure you can do some very basic math, comprehend what you read, and write using proper grammar.  The Praxis 2 series for general educators wasn't bad either as long as you have taken a few education classes and are aware of current teaching strategy theories.  I passed both with no studying after taking only a remedial college math class to freshen up my math skills.

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Awesome, thank you both for calming my fears. I honestly think that it will be no big deal but for so long the general plan was for me to stay home that coming to grips with all of the various aspects of going back to school, even though it's what I want to do, has me really freaked!

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Relax, mamma! I took the Praxis II and was a nervous wreck in the weeks leading up to it. It wasn't as bad as I had been expecting. There are a bunch of books you can get - like study guides - Perhaps picking up one of those and going over the math portions will make you feel more prepared as well. Good luck!

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