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mucus plug? UPDATE bloody show

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I am so confused as to what just happened. I have already been to the hospital once this pregnancy because I thought my water may have broken. That time I was sitting on the couch and I had a gush of fluid that went through my pants. It wasn't like a ton of liquid just enough to leave a small wet spot on my couch. (gross I know...) When I went in they said it was just discharge.


Well tonight I had another gush of fluid, this time it was a little more than the last time. But it also had quite a bit of thick stringy mucus with it. The liquid was clear and the mucus looked just like snot (TMI?) I don't want to make another trip to the hospital, which is an hour away, if it is just discharge. What do you ladies think? Would it be more liquid if my water broke? And wouldn't I have bloody show before my water breaks? I just don't know what to do..

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So, here's my advice --


Nothing, NOTHING in your vagina tonight.


My water "broke" well before I started labor.  One way to check on this, would be to lay down naked for an hour.  Make sure you're not shifting much, and keep yourself horizontal.  Have a bowl handy.  But if you're leaking, the amniotic fluid will sometimes pool in your vagina.  When you go to get up, have that bowl handy, and see if you can catch any more fluid quickly.  Basically, jump up and over the bowl!


It sounds like you probably lost your mucous plug, and could possibly have a leak of forewaters.  But if you can save that liquid in the bowl, then it's most likely amniotic fluid.  And at the very least, it's very handy to have because you can take it in and get it tested.  No guesswork, and then you can keep hands and test strips out of your vagina because, LOOK, you've caught some in a handy dandy bowl!


I would NOT rush in to the hospital unless it was a big gush.  And even then, I still wouldn't rush in, to be honest.  Try the bowl trick and see if you can get more.  Amniotic fluid smells a little sweet, and will sometimes have little white flecks in it (the vernix that covers baby).


I'd also start taking 1000mg of vitamin C every 2-4 hours to keep your immune system in tip top shape.  If you start to feel hot (like with fever), that could be a sign of infection, and then you'd want to go in right away.  And again, keep things out of your vagina!


If you do decide to go to the hospital, many hospitals have a "clock" about when your water breaks, and by what time you "have" to have the baby.  You might fudge the details on the time you noticed the possible water break if this is the case.  Also, remember that you can absolutely refuse induction methods, and that the more cervical checks you have, the more likely an infection is to occur.  My midwife won't do vaginal exams at all once waters have broken, unless labor is well, well established.  Other options in this situation would be to insist on monitoring -- IE, they can monitor your temp and baby's vitals for quite a while vs. just starting you on Pitocin.


You've got options.  Get that awesome DH of yours on board, keep yourself healthy, and...  SQUEE!!  This might be the start of labor orngbiggrin.gif


(Wow, sorry, that was SO lengthy.  This is the first real time I've had on here all day)

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Sounds like plug! Good advice not to run in to the hospital... it can be a long and hairy road that leads to unwanted interventions when you head in prematurely- especially if there *is* any presence of amniotic fluid. It seems to spark panic for more traditional providers and they want the ball rolling according to the text book birth. I would relax and enjoy the ride! Plug is a good sign but it can still be quite a while before actual labor begins. Even if your water breaks you don't need to rush to the hospital. Enjoy laboring at home as I noticed you've mentioned- you've got this mama! Sending birthy vibes!

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I am not going to make the trip to the hospital. I did lay down for a half hour and I had a panty liner on. When I stood up it wasn't really wet and nothing more came out. So I am thinking that it wasn't my water. But I love the bowl idea and if anything else trickles out I am going to do that. I definitely don't want to head to the hospital to soon because I do not want them to start inducing or putting me on the clock. I also am hoping to be able to labor at home for a little while once things do actually start.

I am super tired and I think I am going to just try to get some sleep. If anything else develops I will let you ladies know.
Thanks for the advice! orngbiggrin.gif

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So I just got up and went to the restroom and I definitely lost the rest of my mucus plug and I believe I am having my bloody show. The panty liner I have on has a light pink tint to my discharge and there was thicker mucus in the toilet with blood on it. I still don't think it was my water that broke. But I am having very light ctx. I know it could still be awhile but I am super excited! I have also went to the bathroom 3 times since I woke up so I hope that is another good sign. I do have a headache that has hung around most of the day and is still bothering me. I just hope its not a sign my blood pressure is high...

I am just going to try to go back to sleep and hopefully I will have him sooner than later!!

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joy.gif  hoping you are well into labor land now mama!!  Sending ELVs if its indeed the real thing!!

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I hope this is it for you!  I've been to the hospital once convinced that my water had broken, so I know what you mean about not going until you are sure.  I've been having bloody show for over a week now, though, with no signs that labor is ever going to get rolling for real.  Hopefully that's not too discouraging, but I don't want you to get your hopes up and then have it be nothing.  hug.gif

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The only exception to waiting it out would be if you're GBS+.

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I am not in labor yet. I am having more and more bloody show though. I have started having contractions, which feel different than I ever would have thought. My BH have been high and my whole stomach gets tight. These are really low and feel like I am going to start my period. I'm having a lot of pressure and even feeling it in my legs which is weird. I am assuming they are ctx because they come and go. Their not regular and I am trying to not get my hopes up because I know it could still be days or weeks. I just hope its sooner rather than later!!

I tested negative for GBS so thankfully I don't have to worry about that. I am about to eat a big breakfast and shower and maybe take a walk. I will keep you ladies updated orngbiggrin.gif

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hug2.gif Good luck! It would be awesome if you went into labor soon. I'll be sending positive labor vibes your way. goodvibes.gif

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I remember my amniotic fluid smelling very earthy- definitely a distinct and unforgettable smell.
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