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Water Broke!!

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My water broke about an hour ago, around 1245.  There's no question, I'm pouring fluid!  There is light meconium, unfortunately, but hopefully that won't cause any trouble.  I had been contracting every 3-5 minutes for a few hours, but I figured it was the same old prodromal junk, and then POP.  I called my mw, but didn't think she needed to come over yet.  I'm now contracting every 2-3 min, and they huuurrt.  DH just brought me the phone, because of how I look during a ctx, lol!  I think I'll call her back...


See you one the flip side!

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SO happy for you Copper... it is definitely your turn! Good luck with your birth and I can't wait to see pics of your little squishy baby! joy.gif

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Yay Copper.Kettle!!!!  May your baby make it safely and peacefully earthside this night, and may it be easy enough on you!  Sending positive, beautiful birthing vibes your way.  Can't wait to see pictures of your squishy little love bug!!!

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Aww! I'm so happy for you! Good luck with everything!

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Yay!! :D I hope everything goes well and that the meconium isn't an issue! Congratulations, good timing!!

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Yay! Hope everything goes as smooth as possible for you and your little one!
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YAY!! Sending positive labor vibes your way! I hope you are holding your new baby very soon! joy.gif

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Woohoo! Can't wait to hear the birth story!
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Sending positive labor vibes your way!!!! Good luck! I can't wait to read more about your precious and and to see pics!!



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Yay Copper!  Baby heard you grumble!  Or was it the castor oil milkshake?  winky.gif  Can't WAIT for an update and am so happy happy happy you are getting your homebirth!  Woo hoo, Copper is finally having her baby!!  I'm dancing in the streets for you, mama!!




ELVs!! goodvibes.gif

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Yay!  I hope that everything is going well and send many easy labor vibes your way!  

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How exciting~!!!! Hope all is well!

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Yay!  Good luck with everything!   Can't wait to hear the details and see pics!

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Hope baby is in your arms by now. can't wait to see your precious bundle of joy. Hope its an easy labor.

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Hooray mama! It's your time!!!
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Congratulations Copper! Hope you're snuggling that little baby by now.

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I can't wait to hear the news!

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Hope all is well and good luck!

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yay!! Can't wait to hear your story and see pics of your babe smile.gif
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Yay! Thinking of you!

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