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s/o Flylady?

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I was browsing here in the SAHP forum and noticed a mention of Flylady. I would like to get more organized about doing household tasks and am interested in hearing other SAHPs experiences with Flylady. :)

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I tried flylady for a bit- for me, it backfired as I felt TOO scheduled.  I don't do well when I feel I HAVE to do something or I've failed for the day.  


I have heard good things about motivated moms, but I haven't tried it.  What works best for me is doing 10-15 minute blocks of cleaning with one or two intensive rooms a day. 

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For me, FlyLady was a good place to get started, but I soon developed my own household routines that fit my living situation better.

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I read a lot about flylady, motivated moms and other suggestions by MDCrs

then I decided to write down my own

daily list

weekly list

monthly list

not that I complete all the tasks on them all the time

...but as it is coming back on a cycle, whatever haven't been done on one cycle gets a chance to be done when it's due next !

also what helped from MMs has been to consider that even if I only get to clean ONE shelf ONLY of the fridge on one day, it counts, and it's better than doing none

am not sure that my flat is cleaner, but at least I feel better about cleaning now (a sense of what to do, a better sense of achievement even if the day's accomplishements are on a small scale, a sense that I'll get to it sometimes soon so that it's less of a nagging weight in my mind ....)

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Originally Posted by insidevoice View Post

I tried flylady for a bit- for me, it backfired as I felt TOO scheduled.  I don't do well when I feel I HAVE to do something or I've failed for the day.  


I have heard good things about motivated moms, but I haven't tried it.  What works best for me is doing 10-15 minute blocks of cleaning with one or two intensive rooms a day. 

I am exactly the same. I get stressed when I have all these things written down. It just feels as if I have no time at all for anything but tasks, you know, and that's just depressing.


What I have taken to heart, however, is keeping my sink shiny (which means I have to do the dishes, and deal with the compost each day) and to clear my hotspots as I encounter them. They shift from day to day, one day it might be my toilet that is a hotspot, the next it is the bookshelf I haven't straightened in a year. I simply focus on the worst spot of my home, and it works for me.


Everything else is just about routines, and those I don't need written down.

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Flylady was good for me, until I listened to her radio show. She just makes me crazy, and once I lost interest in her, I got to the point where I could hear her voice in the emails, and it just wasn't working. But if you just stick with doing her routines, she has great ideas.
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I love Flylady, she seriously changed my life, but that's over months, maybe even years. I get the Daily Digest, so only one email a day to read, and I just skim it. I made my own routines and notebook years ago but haven't looked at it forever. I think the key to FL is to just jump in and do whatever *you* think is necessary and ignore the rest. I read the Sneak Peek for the Week on Sun, decide what I'll do, basically use them as a jumping off point. Once you get your own routines in place, you really don't need a Control Journal or the reminders, but I like them for inspiration, and she does have some good organizational ideas and I love her philosophy of it doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to get done and jump in where you start, etc.


I've tried MM twice and it didn't work for me. That system, to me, was way regimented. It bummed me out having all those unchecked squares every night! But I love the idea of MM, and if I could make it work I would. The way I do FL is so laid back that I feel I can only be successful.

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I read the book and spent hours on her website. Her specific routines stress me out too much. However, she was a great starting point for me to create my own routines. I personnaly couldn't live without my Control Journal.
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Has anyone ready the new book Totally Together.  I love the authors website & crockpot recipes. 

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Interesting feedback. I definitely want something not too rigid. I know I'll end up skipping things but I think it would be handy to have some sort of recommended guide for when to do what housework...

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I am one of those people who love to cross stuff off my list. I don't make a list for every day stuff like cleaning up after a meal or cleaning the living room. (Every evening we clean everything up, toys on the floor, kitchen, bathroom, ect so we start each day fresh). But for big stuff like clean all fans, wash screens, clean out fridge I make a list. The thing is I don't give myself a time limit to get it done. If it takes a week so be it. But I get motivated as I mark something off. If I think of other things as I go along I write them down as well. 


I have found having a place for everything really helps and most Americans have waaay too much stuff. This makes it hard to keep things clean. Is my house perfect? Of course not I have a 3yo, 4yo (He will be 5 tomorrow *sniff sniff*) and a 11yo but it is clean than most people with several children. Clutter and mess stress me out so I HAVE to stay on top of it. 


Try a few methods and take what works and leave the rest. You will get a system that works for you!

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I tried it and found it frustrating because I felt she was always trying to get me to buy the "perfect duster" or other cleaning tool, as if that was going to solve all my cleaning woes. I hate being solicited for anything, so I stopped.

What worked well for me was the home routines app for my iPad. It is 100% customizable, and I have a list for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks in addition to the rotating house zones (which you also can edit to suit your needs). I like checking things off, and get a kick out of looking at my accomplishments for each day. I also like that it helps me remember chores I otherwise forget, like wiping the celing fan or cleaning the windows.

Good luck finding something that works for you.
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I have the Home Routines app too and I love it!  They have it for the iPod touch as well. 

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