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A little background: My first labor was 19 hours, medicated and in the hospital. My second was 50 minutes and was an unassisted unplanned homebirth. So... midwife thinks this one will be fast too. Problem is I am once again GBS+ and if I dont get the antibiotics, the hosptial kidnapps us for 3 days.


My midwife is not one to induce ANYONE. Today (39 weeks) she checked me. I am 2-3 and 80%. She said if I get any regular contractions to go ahead and come in and she will start the antibiotics, then break my water 4 hours later and we could have a baby... but... I am not sure about it. I have had regular contractions ALL day today (average 5-6 mins apart) and I had them for 5 hours the other day. I just dont want to go in and have things done that I dont want. BUT I also dont want another unassisted home birth (homebirth is out for us, too expensive) and I would like the people I hired to be there actually there. And I would like time to get the antibiotics and not be stuck in the hospital for 3 days...


I hate this pre-labor crap and having a history of fast labors...

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Speaking as a member of the overdue club, I say go for it. I too had an unintentional unassisted birth- 1.5 hr labor, one push and she was born and though everything turned out ok, I'd rather not repeat that. I think overall, I'd want to avoid being held at the hospital for three days. But this is jmo.
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Are antibiotics required by law where you live? I don't understand why you have to go to hospital for three days?

FWIW- I live in Canada and we have an option to do the antibiotics or not.
Could you ask to be retested?
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PJs- Thanks! I want opnions on this!! You know how much NOT fun an accidental unassisted home birth is.... Most people I meet say "I want that kind of labor"... but I dont think they really do!


Kaireece-I asked about retesting before they tested me. They wont do it. If we dont get the antibiotics, the hosptial does a culture on the baby to make sure baby is not growing anything, and they keep you there untill the culture is back (2-3 days). We are prepared to check out AMA if needed, but I really dont want to fight the hospital. If you get the antibiotics 4 hours before baby is born, you can go home ASAP.


And when do I kknow when to go? I have been having contractions ALL DAY today (since my appointment at 1130.. its now 7:30) so I could go now, but I just dont know what I want!!

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That's tough!  I'm GBS+, too, and worried about them wanting to keep us for 2-3 days if I don't get both doses of antibiotics.  I'm penicillin allergic, too, so my 2 doses have to be another antiobiotic and have to be given 8 hours apart. 


Are the contractions getting stronger and closer together?  If they are, I think I might go in.  If not, I would just stay home.  It's certainly not an easy decision, is it?

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Originally Posted by *Jessica* View Post

Are the contractions getting stronger and closer together?  If they are, I think I might go in.  If not, I would just stay home.  It's certainly not an easy decision, is it?

Sorry 'bout the situation mama.  I'd be puzzled too.  And I know *can* do whatever you want, your body, blah blah blah, but it's just so much easier to not have to fight anyone in the end.


With your fast labor, did the contractions jump from 5-6 minutes apart, to "OMG!," or did they just start at "OMG"?  Because I'd say that if they're staying put, and you haven't seen a "jump" before, then they're probably the prodromal nonsense that eeeeveryone else seems to be dealing with.  It seems to me like if this were real labor, they would do something.  ESPECIALLY with your history of fast labor, that if you've had them all day, they would be gettin' ya somewhere.  I'm with Jessica -- if they're getting closer together or more intense in any way, then in your situation I'd probably go.  If they're just staying the same intensity, duration, and length apart...  I probably wouldn't go in just yet.


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My second labor I had this contractions all week crap too. They stopped like they did every night so I went to bed. An hour later I was in transistion. SO.... IDK. My heart tells me to avoid any type of "induction" but my brain still has fear from my last birth. The contractions I am having now are not getting closer or stronger. I will have maybe 1 an hour that is STRONG, but not painful. I am praying this baby gives me enough warning!!

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Can you have her check you again? If you're still 2-3, no worries, but if you're 5-6 you know to stick around?
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Out of curiosity, I was wondering what was so horrible about your unplanned unassisted homebirth?  I am interested in hearing the story.  I had one, but it was wonderful, but would like to hear what other experiences have been like.  I have to say that mine might be different, too, because I had expected the possibility and so was mentally and physically (meaning, had supplies on hand) ready in case. In reality, it was prompted by a very similar case as you have right now. I was GBS+ I had actually retested and was found negative, but none of the back up doctors for the birth center would allow me to ditch the antibiotics.  I have some very strong opinions and objections about the current protocol and use of antibiotics for laboring women with GBS, on top of suffering bad effects from them myself. To me, the choices were: refuse the antibiotics, which would mean I would not be allowed to go to the birth center and I would have to go to the hospital (I've had a baby in the hospital -- very bad experience despite managing a natural birth), accept the antibiotics and go to the birth center, or try to go to the birth center only when I knew my contractions were really serious and therefore ending up with less or no antibiotics -- which also meant the possibility of an "oops" baby because once I know things are serious I usually only have roughly half an hour or so left.  Feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place, I chose the possibilty of the "oops" - and that is exactly what happened and it was the BEST birth ever.  I didn't even tear! But then again, as I said, I was prepared for the "in case" and had everything I needed nearby -- including a fishy pool so I could get into the water.  After the baby was born, I called the birth center and told them we'd ended up having the baby at home. I did not take the baby to the hospital, but to our regular doctor to be checked out, and then to the birth center so that they could check me out and make sure I didn't tear/retain placenta, etc.  Then we went home. 

If you do have this baby accidentally at home, do you have to go check you both into the hospital? Can you check only yourself in to be checked and then take our LO to a regular pediatrician?  It 'might' avoid some of the fight. It might not, but it is just a thought.  You don't seem to mind getting the antibiotics, so at least that is not a mental strain on you.  Still, I would do for you what will best facilitate your labor and delivery, then work out the going home details after.


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 I have been checking myself. I am a good 3 maybe almost 4 now. The hospital is 30 minutes away, and we have to have our sitter at the house, so if I go down there, Im staying... lol


My last birth  ( http://lifeofasahm-lisa.blogspot.com/2009/12/you-know-what-they-say-about-best-laid.html ).... it was not good for me because I was not prepared (mentally or physically) for a home birth. I had to go to the hospital because I tore pretty bad and I dont have anyone to come here and stitch me up. I have speant a lot of time in this pregnancy preparing my mind for this to happen again, but praying it does not.


I am just gonna follow my heart, which is telling me not to let them break my water. I have had contractions all day for 3 days now, and have been losing my plug for a week. Today I am getting more panty snot, so I am hoping tonight is the night! Plus, its a full moon...

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Lisa, I think that following your heart is always the best choice.  Good luck and hopefully that full moon does have an effect on you!

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It is such a tough call. I agree with following your heart. May you go into labor soon. My DH, too, is hoping our babe will come on the full moon. Is it tonight or tomorrow night?


Anyhow, good luck! I probably wouldn't be comfortable with an unplanned, unassisted homebirth, either, although I think they can be wonderful for people who are comfortable with them, or unassisted births in general.


I'm sending good labor vibes your way and hoping things go as you desire them to. dust.gif

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The moon is full tonight, Sunday night and Monday night.

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My unintentional unassisted ended up being a fantastic birth. My birth after that one-my little guy got stuck- it wasn't a dystocia and the midwives had me get onnhands and knees to get him out, but it opened my eyes to how easily something could go wrong. When his head emerged but then his body didn't slip out as I expected, my instincts didn't tell me to flip over, and I actually started to panic a bit. Coupled with high bp during that pregnancy, I personally don't feel comfortable with uc even though my daughter's birth was awesome.
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Originally Posted by cat13 View Post

Lisa, I think that following your heart is always the best choice.



May this moon bring you a baby!!  But not before you can get to a location that YOU are comfortable birthing in.  Much love mama!!


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thanks for the support ladies.

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How are you doing?  Still contracting?  I can't imagine 3 days of contractions.  I had them for 28 hours on Friday and Saturday before they stopped and I was so exhausted.  Big hugs, Lisa!

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