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Diaper Safari -Funniest Diapering Moments- Giveaway! CLOSED- Congrats Lolliegee

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Lolliegee, Fyrebloom, & MommyLibrarian: Posts #13, 32, & 30 you have won!  I will be PMing you to get your info. Congrats!  -Chris


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Diaper Safari Giveaway!


Anyone with a kid has been there.  We all have them- the funny diaper stories. Its ok to laugh!  Share your funniest diaper stories with MDC & Diaper Safari to be automatically entered to win a Best Bottom Starter Pack, compliments of Diaper Safari.   


Diaper Safari is offering the Best Bottom Value Pack, ($28.80 value) shown below to 3 MDC winners!


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  1. Share your funniest diaper story in a reply post to this thread. (mandatory for entry)
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Looking forward to some great stories!




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When DS was 4mo, he had a bad case of diarrhea. We had been trying to get an appointment with his ped the entire day, but they were booked solid. About an hour before closing, the secretary called to say there was an opening, but that we had to be there in 15 min to get the appt. Since the office was 10 min away, we had to run out the door. I grabbed the diaper bag, and rushed out the door. Of course,while at the peds office, ds in his state had another "explosive episode." I reached for another diaper, and of course, in our rush, I hadn't noticed that there weren't any diapers in the diaper bag! Miraculously, his diaper cover was still clean(no extras of those either!) and I had to use ds's spare change of clothes as a makeshift diaper insert. Needless to say, when the ped saw him, she was a little surprised at "our choice" of diaper, but hey, a mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do, right?

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I was working at a campus daycare and was taking care of a 3 mo baby who (as it turns out) had diarrhea. He had a huge explosion while I was holding him between my legs on the floor. I got him all cleaned up and my shift was over so I left for class. It wasn't until I got into the classroom with better lighting that I saw I had poop stains all over my pants and no choice but to finish class before I could change my clothes.
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When my youngest was still a newborn I found myself locked out of our vehicle at a convenient store (I know- not very convenient, huh?)  Since it was suppose to be a short trip I had only packed one diaper cover and one fitted diaper.  Thanks to breastfeeding- my little guy stayed pretty content as we waited for the locksmith but, also thanks to breastfeeding orngtongue.gif, he had a couple full diapers during the wait as well.  With no other choice, I had to harness my inner MacGyver and made a makeshift diaper out of a postpartum pad with the remaining diaper cover.  I had kind of forgotten about the last-resort diaper, until I got home and DH took the baby into the bedroom to get changed from where I hear him questionably say, "Honey?" 

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When my son was about 18 months old, I learned the REAL reason that people might be so fond of snaps (over velcro).  My son was playing in the playroom, and I was around the corner in the office on the computer.  I suddenly heard the dog eating something... in the playroom.  I walked around the corner to find that my son had pooped, taken off his diaper (APLIX), and was now sitting on the floor picking poop out of his diaper and feeding it to the dog.  Both dog and child seemed very content with this new arrangement.  But in our most recent cover upgrade, we went with snaps in an attempt to avoid any more incidents of canine/toddler fecal bliss in our house.

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When my dd was about 4 months old, we were in the process of moving. We were down to picking up the last random bits at the old place and most everything else was at our new place. Including.. all our diapers!  Of course she had to have a poopy diaper and desperately needed a change. I did manage to find a prefold. Prefolds are just always EVERYWHERE! I also found one of those little bloomers things that come with just about every baby girl dress (and we never use, of course, that would cover up the cute diaper!) So I figured I could rig that into a cover some how. As for waterproofing.. a plastic bag somehow, perhaps?! Then I discovered duct tape! Of course when you're moving you always have loads of tape. So I lined the entire inside of those bloomers with duct tape and laid the prefold in there. I do remember that it didn't leak. But I can't give myself too much credit because I also don't remember if she had even had a chance to pee in it or not, ha! The experience did teach me that whenever, whereever, I can ALWAYS rig up an emergency dipe. (I've had instances of scouring goodwill for supplies... pair of only slightly-too-big undies to hold the prefold in place, and fleece pants! Beats having to buy a pack of sposies!) 

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A few weeks ago we had to travel 14 hours away to look for houses. Because we were going to be gone for a week I thought (wrongly!!) that we should just get a pack of sposies for the week since we wouldn't have access to washing machines. Exactly one hour on the road.....and the 5 month old has a BLOW OUT! All over him up to his neck, all over the car seat insert...EVERYWHERE. We pull over, clean him up, remove the car seat insert, and get back on the road. Two hours later...he did it again!!!!! At this point I am swearing at the sposies. He had two blow outs every single day the ENTIRE trip!!! Never once have we had a blow out in cloth...needless to say, when we leave this week to move into our new home he will be wearing the cloth!!!

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Chris was still having breastfed poopy when he first learned to stand.  One morning I heard the sound of velcro being pulled open, and I ran into the nursery *just* in time to see him swinging the dipe around his head.  Breastfed poopy slung off it in wide arcs around the room.  It covered EVERYTHING.  But it smelled like fresh baked bread.  *cringe*  LOL  (That's when we learned the importance of SNAPS!!! lol :)

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Ok.. so my 1st child (mr.K) was about 3 weeks old... and I was changing his bum on the change table.. I was all ready.. until I lifted his bum and he projectile pooped across the room and it hit the wall.. I kid you not the wall was about 4 feet away.. and I was laughing and crying all at the same time... My son looked at me as if I'd lost my mind.. I had no idea that poop could be that "pressurized " 

and with my daughter who is currently 10 months .... I once changed her bum on my lap while I was getting a pedi.. :)  and I changed that poppy bum like a seasoned pro and my daughter didnt make a peep :) and the lady giving me the pedi was very impressed .....


Please pick our name !! We need some new Fluff !!!!

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When my son was a few weeks old I was at a mom and baby group and he needed to be changed but the washroom was being used so I pulled out a changing pad and began to change him on the sofa. I had just laid the fresh diaper under his bottom when the poop began to spray. To keep the poop from getting all over the sofa I did what any good mom does I put my hand over his butt. Both my son and I were covered with poop but not a drop landed on the sofa. Thank goodness the mom and baby group had a clothing exchange and I was able to find clean clothes for us both.

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My first daughter was born in June in CA.  It was a really hot day and my husband had just setup one of the big portable pools in our backyard.  My daughter was about three weeks old and in full breastfeeding mode!  My husband wanted to take her for a swim so I went to get a new diaper to put on her just in case.  He yelled, "don't worry about it babe, she will only be in for a few minutes".  I urged him to consider the diaper but he assured me I was overreacting.  I had no idea what the term "blowout" would mean until that day.  

My husband took of her diaper and held her close to his chest.  One minute later he screams get a towel...quick.  I look over and see him holding the baby outside the pool wall, poop flowing!  His chest was covered in poop along with plenty mixing quickly in with the water.  

All I could do was smile, grab the baby and throw him a towel.  He decided to drain the pool!

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When my daughter was 4 months old we took a road trip. One stop on the road trip was the Opryland hotel. We parked far away and took the kids in to check out the atriums. Eventually I heard ominous rumblings from the sling. Once I got her into a bathroom I saw that her tights were victim to the bm and I had forgotten the diaper bag in the car! We had nothing on us so I cranked out some of the paper towels to make a semi- absorbent pad and another strip of paper towels was folded to tie the whole thing on. Several women who passed by during the process got a chuckle from my trouble.
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I've got so many being a mother of five...duct-taping diapers together, blow-outs in the car seat on a long trip, etc...but I think the funniest is not so much what happened with the diaper itself, but the person changing it. My niece (at the time she was 11) was changing my then 1 1/2 year old's stinky diaper. For some reason she loved changing diapers and called herself the "diaper fairy". She would change his diapers whenever she came over. This particular time I'm thinking of though, after changing the diaper (it was a disposable), she rolled it up to dispose of it and then proceeded to sniff it deeply. "Ahhhhhh", she said, "smells so good." She was such a kook! 


Would love to win this as we're trying to convert the youngest to cloth diapers!

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When my daughter was only a few months old, I had her on the changing table, and was talking on my cell phone with my mom via speaker phone, which was sitting near her feet. As soon as the diaper came off, she had an explosive breast-fed baby poop- yes, aimed straight for the phone. "Um, mom, you just got pooped on, I have to go." I had to take the entire phone apart to clean out all that yellow poo from in between all the buttons! Yuck!! Lesson learned- no phone on the changing table. 

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Being new parents, I have a plethora of poop stories. But the funniest story was a few days after we came home from the hospital. We were up in the early morning hours changing a diaper (when it was all still new and exciting) and since we were still getting the hang of prefolds it was taking us a little longer than it should to change our new son's diaper. He started peeing, which wasn't the first time, but somehow it angled up and he started peeing on himself in the face! I felt so bad since no doubt he got some in his mouth but I was laughing too hard in my exhausted state to really do anything about it. That was a learning experience for sure, and has only happened once!

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oh, I'm sure others can relate, but.....it was a typical hot summer day and I actually got my boy down for a nap! he had on a popular - velcro only one size diaper on and nothing else. It was just too hot! Well, LUCKY LUCKY MEE!!! Ran an errand and left the kids with daddy - only to come home and to a scowling papa. What's the big deal? Well, apparently my son woke up to a poopy diaper and figured out real quick how easy it is to get that dirty thing off. We don't want to think about what happened next, b/c there was literally crap smeared on every rail of his crib, the wall behind it, and yes, even the ceiling. i would have assumed my husband was greatly exaggerating, but he took pictures to be sure i couldn't doubt how extreme this incident was :)

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Used to this this was a really funny story, but I see it's happened to quite a few people :) Was holding my youngest (4 wks) and heard a poo -- waited for the 2nd round, but nothing came so I went to change him.  My oldest (2 yrs) wanted to come watch so he was standing next to me.  I took off the diaper, wiped, and had his legs lifted to put the clean diaper on, and all of the sudden. . .poo explosion!!  I swear the stuff traveled at least 4 feet!  It was all over  the changing table, the floor, the door, and yes, it was all over my 2 year old.

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I used to take my baby in the bathroom with me in the mornings when I showered because my then 2 1/2 year old was such a big helper when she woke up. I was constantly worried about her picking up the baby and carrying her or feeding her things she shouldn't be aka chocolate chips, apricot pits, rocks, things she found around the house, etc.  I'd stick the baby  in her car seat and look out at her every so often to make sure she was doing okay. I heard my oldest daughter, ahem, the helper, come in the bathroom. I peeked out and she was being good, just talking to HER baby. I hurried and finished up in the shower. Both girls were happy and seemed to be fine. The big helper announced, "Mommy, I changed Kassi's diaper all by myself." I looked down and saw that she had taken off the old diaper and the baby was dressed and happy. Everything looked fine until I went to pick up the baby to move her. Instantly poop gushed down out of her shorts and all over me and everything else. Her sister took off the old diaper but didn't put a new one on. She just pulled her shorts back on afterward. You couldn't tell there was no diaper on until I moved her and of course she had pooped after her diaper was removed. Needless to say we all needed another bath after that and I was late for work. Gotta love all those Big Helpers!

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I used to teach preschool and was working with the toddlers. There was one boy, nearly three, who was a notorious pooper with a big appetite. I watched him eat chicken strip after chicken strip at lunch one day. He promptly had a monster poop. I changed him and three minutes later had to change him again. All wrapped up in his overalls, I brought him down from the changing table, changed another kiddo, and saw the boy walking down the hallway, trailing poop. It had filled his diaper, managed to get past his shirt and was coming out from between the straps of his overalls!
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My daugher is really fighting potty training, The other day she told me she was naked andhad to poop and I said 'ok lets go to the potty'. She said NOOOO and grabbed a diaper and laid down in it and tried to put it on herself so she could poo in it..haha so much for potty training!

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