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fever and terrible sinus

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I am at my wits end and ready for antibiotics.  We started with fever and croupy cough which was from nasty sinus drainage.  We are now blowing nasty nasty green yellow and blood mucus from the nose and coughing it up when it drains.  Chest is clear ears a plugged to the point of exploding fever comes and goes.  Dr gave us zpack but I wont do it for the fact other daughter had major reaction with liver.  I called Dr he called another spectrum of ethromycin (sp)   We are doing nasal flushed, vit c, just started ACV and have been giving vit c (SA)  This has been 5 days and I am worried about any further infections in the sinus I have unfortunalty read sinus infection can spread tot he brain UGGGGHH.  I am ready to give antibiotics cause I just dont know what else to to.  Any thought welcome.


Wanted to add I havent given meds yet cause she is very very sensitive to meds  amoxil causes rashes motrin and tylenol cause full body hives.  So I am very very cautious.




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I would not give meds either just because of all the harmful ingredients unless it was a last resort.

I would first make sure you are giving either a whole foods based vitamin C, or just make sure she is eating good food sources of vitamin C like citrus fruits, kiwis, leafy greens, broccoli and berries.  These foods also have high levels of antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals including phytonutrients that can help her body fight illness.  So, I would first make sure her diet is RICH in good healthy organic food(organic food has higher nutrient content than conventional, as well as does not have pesticides and other things that can make you sick).

I would also try some manuka honey(I use this, it is sold in many health food stores as well http://www.vitacost.com/YS-Organic-Bee-Farms-Raw-Manuka-Honey-Hi-Active-15-Plus ) which has antiviral and antibacterial properties.  Its honey so any amount is ok really, I have not heard of a certain dosage recommendation(I give DD about a tsp when I think she is getting sick, but I havent had to give her any for about 5 months now so she was only 13 months old last time I gave her some).  I have also heard eating garlic can help.

Hope all goes well and as a last resort I would use meds, and I am a very anti-meds kind of person.

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