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So we have my hvbac all planned out, we live 3 hours away from family and friends and my DD is very attached to us and has never been left for longer than a few hours and only ever with my mom. We got some devastating news last night that my aunt has cancer again and it doesn't look good. I am 38 weeks today, my DD was born 7 days from today and my mom is getting on a flight across Canada today. I feel terribly guilty being upset about this but she may not make my birth. So, if my birth happens at home everything will be ok, if we end up in the hospital DD will either have to stay at home with my husband or they will both have to come. I don't feel good about her being in the hospital but we don't have a choice unless she stays home with him. This is mostly a rant because I am just so upset and feeling overwhelmed. Of course my sadness has to do with my Aunt and my stress is over the birth, I did not sleep last night :(


On top of that my husband starts overtime very soon and only gets 2-3 days off when the baby comes, if he refuses overtime he can get laid off and they will hire someone else, the trade he is in is really tight for work right now. My mom is supposed to be here for 2 weeks after the birth but I'm not sure if it's going to work. She says she will get on a plane the minute I go into labour but I don't want her doing that. I'm hoping to hire a postpartum doula if he is working and I am alone.

Stressing.... :(

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Oh zombie_bride, that is such a difficult situation!  I am so very sorry that you're dealing with the sadness surrounding your aunt's illness and the stress of plans for your birth falling through.  I wish there was something I could do!  hug.gif

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Oh man. That's very rough. I hope your aunt stays as comfortable as possible and that things go well for her, but also for you guys! That's a very big upset of plans and emotions right at the end where we're all crazy.

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zombie_bride, that is such bad news for you; finding out about your aunt's illness and realzing that your birth plans may be compromised is such a hard double blow.


I understand that your DD is very attached to you, but I am wondering if you couldn't find good friends (maybe even with children) who would be willing to take her if you need to go to the hospital? If so, you could still help DD adjust to staying with them by taking her to their houses, spending a few hours there with you around, etc. You may learn that your DD actually enjoys being around other people which would alleviate your fears and offer you a backup solution if necessary.

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Thanks everyone. We have a back up plan if its an emergency and we have to go to the hospital alone. My DD will go to a friends house and it may not go well but it will have to work for a short time. I'm just hoping to keep this baby in until next friday!!!! Wish me luck :D

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