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Summary- Last year we decided we would TTC. 
We found out we were pg Jan19.2011 turns out it was an Ectopic pregnancy, so i had surgery done and lost my left tube. Its been 7 mo and I just went to go get a pap smear and find out why I haven't been having a regular period. My doctor prescribed me Proved (medroxyprogesteron) for 3 days. I finished taking my last pill August 7 I dont feel like im getting my period at all. Normally i would expect my period August 9. But here i am 3 days later and nothing. I was trying to conceive this month as well so im wondering if provera prevented that? I did have unprotected sex the last two weeks so we wouldnt miss the big "O" day. Im expecting my Provera period August 17 9 ive read you usually get flow 10 days after the last pill. SO could've i ovulated with or without provera? Would i still conceive after the 3 day course of provera?


Thank you in advance!