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Anyone have (or have had) a REALLY mellow newborn?

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Only I would worry about having an easy baby and make it into something when really I should just be thankful...


Anyway, baby boy (still nameless) is a very easy newborn.  I have lots of experience with babies, but not so much newborns so maybe I don't have the best of comparisons, but still... 


He hardly ever cries.  Really.  It's usually one little squawk which lets me know he needs something and then I'm on it.  He can sometimes get mad when he doesn't latch on fast enough, but honestly, that's about it.  He has not once woken up crying.  I do think I'm good at anticipating his needs, but it can't be all that.  I'm not exaggerating when I say he has cried less than 8-10 minutes cumulative since he was born 10 days ago.  I'm not complaining, but I was wondering how unusual this may be.  He sleeps well during the day and night.  He doesn't have any fussy periods.  He has awake times when he is very alert, sometimes for almost 2 hrs.  I usually hold him during that time because I love being with him, but he does not mind being put down and left alone even if I need to go to the bathroom or shower or something.  It's rare that I'm not within feet of him though...but sometimes I just plop him next to me to use the computer or something and he's quite content without being held.


I was reading other forums about easy babies and someone mentioned that it could mean there is something wrong with the baby like a feeding thing, a physical ailment, or autism.  I know it's not feeding or a physical thing.  He is thriving and doing exceptionally well.  I don't feel it's the latter either.  Having an undemanding baby who is independent or one who is hard to soothe and takes a lot of energy are both early signs of it, but those are two extremes and neither is an indication of anything.  He's only 10 days old.  Of course because I read some mothers who wrote about their easy babies who later were diagnosed with autism, I started my "what-ifs".  I'm not actually worried about it, but it did make me wonder how unusual (or not) it is to have such an easy little guy.

So, did (do) you have an easy newborn?  I think I should just consider myself lucky and stop reading other forums/threads.  :)  I think I just got myself worked up because I got mastitis and had a really had fever which made me all wonky and I'm tired (from me, not him) so I let my imagination go. 


My mom said I was a super easy baby who was always content, woke up smiling instead of crying, had to be woken to eat, etc.  Maybe my little man is just like his mama. :)


Thanks for not laughing at me, though it's okay if you did.  I am with it enough at the moment to know that I'm an idiot for questioning how lucky I am to have such a wonderful little guy.

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This is going to be short because I'm on my phone but I wouldn't worry. Both of my boys were/are easy mellow little guys. It sounds like you are doing an excellent job of meeting his needs before he feels the need to cry. Good job mama!
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I wouldn't worry, either :) Autism has signs and you didn't mention any. He meets your eyes and interacts and is good with touch? If so, you're good! Lucky mama :)

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My 3rd baby was really mellow as a baby. It didn't last forever, he is a not so mellow toddler now, but his basic personality is more easy going then my other kids. DS1 does have some issues but none are related to his mellowness as a baby. 

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My oldest was like that and still is luxlove.gif

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Four of my boys were the most mellow, sweet, easy EASY babies in the world. Almost no crying. No fussing. No....problems at all. Even my eldest was pretty easy I'd say. Until he could walk. Then....I think that's when the bi polar started settling in. But, my other boys are angels. They are now 15, almost 13, 10 and almost 8. best kids in the world...quiet, sweet, funny....patient, they don't whine, fight fuss...never did.

Don't worry...just...enjoy! joy.gif
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Thanks.  That's what I thought.  I was just being a dork (as usual).  It seems like I always have to find something to stress about.  Leave it to me to worry about an easy baby. :)



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Just to add to everyone: DS1 was the most mellow baby, and even at 27 mos continues to be agreeable and mellow about 80% of the time. He has his moments, but there's usually a reason that is outside his control. I wouldn't worry too much unless something else is wrong.

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Nope...nothing is wrong.  He is thriving and is just a wonderful baby.  He has normal reflexes, eats well, poops and pees all the time, is gaining weight, and actively seeks out my face.  It's the cutest thing ever and he did it right at birth and I'll never forget those little eyes.  If I'm holding him against my chest, he tried really hard to turn his head up and look at my face and his little forehead gets all wrinkled.  He's so cute!


Thanks for indulging me.  I was having a moment of irrational thought. :)

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Not sure how old your little one is - I remember my husband and I being in awe at how easy our daughter was the first two weeks home- she literally woke up (and stayed up! it felt to me!!) the day he went back to work.  You may have one that  stays mellow but i regretted not taking the chance to really rest in those early days - hope you are doing great :)

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just re-read all prior posts to mine- so there IS such a thing as a mellow baby who STAYS mellow- lucky, lucky mammas - here's hoping that's what you got there :)

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