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whole house water filtration

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what are my options? preferably something removeable since we rent and would like to be able to take with us when we move. I was lookingat RO but i want somethong for bathing/showering and teeth brushing--so--does a whole house filtration system exist? how about an easy, cost effective one?

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Yes, there are different types of whole house filters. We used to have one that uses filters, but my husband recently got one that doesn't take filters, and instead you have to empty a container periodically. He says that it's much more efficient, and since he's a plumber, I believe him. wink1.gif


I can get the brand name/more info when he gets home. I do know that it doesn't take up much space and is easy to install and remove, but it's still something that you would want a plumber to do for you. And you might still want to run it past your landlord. I don't know about costs, either, since we didn't have to pay for it, but I can get an idea of the price from him, too.

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I would love to hear folks' experience with whole house filters.  I saw this one on Mercola's site but at this point I don't know enough to critique anything!



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I finally had a chance to ask my husband about the filters. Here's what they are:




Instead of replacing a filter, when it gets fulls, you put a bucket or something underneath it and turn that red valve to empty it.


My husband recommends figuring out what's in your water that you want filtered out, and going from there. For example, we have a lot of iron in our water, which is pretty large sediment, so this type of filter works well for us.



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