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IUI at home

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So my partner and I have done a lot of research and feel comfortable enough to do this procedure at home. The one thing I'm curious about is when your specimen is ready for insemination how exactly to you extract it from it's container? Cause you don't want to hurt or damage your specimen. Do you suck it up with the long sterile flexible catheter , or the syringe and then add the flexible cath and advance the sperm slowly into the cath. Or what? I actually couldn't find a straight forward answer anywhere. Any advise or tip would be greatly appreciated...
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Hey Gooseface!  (Gotta say, love your "name"!)


Don't know about everyone else, but when I did my wife's insemination I attached the flexible catheter to a 1cc tuberculin syringe and very slowly and carefully pulled the sperm out of the vial that way.  I also was very careful while we were thawing to not move the vial around too much, in order to prevent any air bubble artifact.  My main concern was making sure I didn't have air bubbles in the sample or in the catheter.  That was my biggest challenge.  You don't want to insert air into the uterus.  The benefit I found in using the catheter to suck up the sperm was that the tip of the catheter is smaller than the tip of the syringe, so I could make sure to get all the little swimmers.  


I would also recommend coming on over and observing and participating in the Queer Conceptions thread!  We create a new one each month, the first page has all the people who are involved and what point in the process they're at.  Then it's basically a chat thread, but there are a ton of well-informed, supportive individuals there.  We'd love to have you join us!  


Best of luck. 

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We found that it was easiest to keep air bubbles out if we first sucked the sperm into the syringe and then put the catheter on....I don't think we missed too much sperm while doing it and we didn't have the tiny little bubbles. I don't know....just what worked best for us. I think people do it both ways but I was totally worried about the air bubbles.
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Thanks so much ppl I appreciate the advise, gonna check out the other threads u advised... Gonna try it our iui the end of next month. My partner and I have a 2 year old daughter, we did an ICI and lucky got prego the 1st try with clomid 50mg. So hopefully will have the same luck... Crossing our fingers
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Where did you purchase the syringe, cathether, and vials? I am looking into an at home IUI with my partner as insurance doesn't cover IUI. Thanks.

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If you are buying vials through a sperm bank (make sure you get washed!!), they should supply you with the syringes. Catheters can be found online...I think I bought mine from here: http://shop.inseminationsupplies.com/ Good luck!
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