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Omm Nom Nom...



I think I know what I'm making this weekend... 


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I also still clean the litter box but I do wear gloves!

I walk alot in the heat, but I am in Arizona its hard to avoid the heat I do drink a ton of water though when I do walk. What am I supposed to do, have cabin fever all day? I also have to walk my DS to school a half mile away so I have no choice but to walk in the heat (we're one car family). I also walk to the bus, I bus to work! When I am at work (I work part time) I drink a diet coke. I know bad! :lol



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Oh man, I would if I could:) My husband has been working out of town a lot so the litter duty is up to me. They are indoor only so I'm not worried about the toxoplasmosis plus I always wash my hands immediately afterwards.


When I was pregnant with DS I told my husband that I couldn't pick up the dog poop because it made me nauseous, so he took over that chore. We have 3 large breed dogs so its a pain in the butt picking up after them. He kind of just got used to doing it and I think I've only had to pick up after the dogs once in the last 2 years. Niiiice. Now I just need to come up with a good excuse about why I can't put away the laundry. I love sorting, washing, and folding... but despise putting it away afterwards.

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Haha! I use being pregnant as a good excuse to NOT clean my cat's box...I make my husband do it :D



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I'm under the impression that the "soft cheeses" thing is because SOME soft cheeses aren't made of pasturized milk.  If the label says pasturized, I don't give it a second thought.


I drink coffee - not every day, but somewhat regularly.  I eat candy like nobody's business and three days ago I went to the fair and rode the rides.  I'm not showing much yet, so nobody said anything, even though the signs at the ticket booth said pregnant women couldn't go.  I didn't ride anything really crazy, though. 


I also still ride my bike sometimes.  And I lay on my back if it's the only way to get comfortable.  Which, BTW, I have totally cleared with my doctor, who said the "no lying flat on your back" thing isn't important until you're really big.

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steph~ my kids happily put away their own laundry in exchange for the privilege of throwing the empty basket down the stairs... throwing things in the house is FUN, apparently. I don't understand it, but I don't question it!


We had the garlic appie last night, and now we stink.

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It's amazing how much people freak out about drinking coffee during pregnancy.  I've received comments from baristas before.  ("Decaf, right?" and a taken-aback reaction when I firmly requested the caffeine.)  Everything in moderation.smile.gif


I usually have one coffee per day, but while I was travelling it was two, and once or twice it was three cups.  Coffee doesn't agree with my body so I don't usually over-do it, but being around my extended family doesn't agree with my body either. winky.gif


I wouldn't feel bad about the occasional wine or beer.  I have had a few sips of wine, but even though I had been craving it I didn't end up wanting to finish my glass. 


Prenatal vitamins & fish oil pills:  I have spurts of remembering for several days and then forgetting, etc.  I just take it when I remember and don't really worry about it.  Same with my other three pregnancies.  I do try to remember, and sometimes my daughters are helpful with that.


Exercise:  Very little of that going on here.  I was overweight when I got pregnant, so I swore to myself that I would at least go walking every day, but nope.  redface.gif I did just dig out and dust off my exercise ball, though, and I plan to use it for squats... (It rolls up and down the wall while I lean my back against it.)  Which leads to the next confession:  I haven't asked if that's okay during pregnancy, but I plan to listen to my body when I try it out. I hate doing squats and this is my preferred method.

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I don't exercise either :D lol it's too hot to go outside, and I really don't feel like walking around or even going to the pool.

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Hot muggy day here and big storm on the horizon.  I pushed myself to take a bike ride with the kids this morning and regretted it badly.  I was nauseous and ill for much of the afternoon. So, all of those mamas struggling with the heat, just take it slow.  Normally, I like pushing myself physically, but pregnancy is a rough time to over do it.  


My confession -- I can't seem to drink enough water!   I drink glass after glass and never seem to pee.  Where does it go?!?  I drank so much water today that my stomach was always full so I never felt hungry.  And I still have only peed 3 times today.  Seems like I should be swimming.  But really, I need to up my water.  I sweat all day and have a bad headache right now.  I am considering taking a couple of Tylenol to help with the headache and have a few more glasses of water.  



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I drink a cup of coffee every morning, I eat soft cheeses, don't eat lunch meat because I don't like it. I would eat sushi if I could get it here. I drink raw milk. I have had a sip of beer but have been avoiding alcohol because if I am going to drink, I want to be able to have more than one. I have smoked a cigarette just for the fun of it (one night when I got together with some old friends and they were all drinking, I wanted to do something "bad" ) And I smoke cannabis every day. It helps me have a strong appetite and helped with morning sickness. I crave chocolate and sweets way more than normal so I have indulged in a few chocolate bars. 

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I got my ears pierced. orngtongue.gif Everything on the internet discouraged it, but said "Talk to your healthcare provider," so I asked my midwife and she was totally fine with it. It was my first piercing (so ear lobe, not cartilage) and I'm super healthy, so I'm not too worried about infections. I'm taking care of the site properly. It was a small risk, but I think I'm being responsible.

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I love this thread! 

Recommend you all read this book called The Panic-Free Pregnancy. It's by an MD and goes into all the scientific reasoning behind various prohibitions, so you can make decisions for yourself. A lot of this stuff is so overblown!! 


Generally I feel great, I have a vegetarian diet full of whole foods and seafood (including sushi) a couple of times a week, take my vitamins, fish oil and calcium every day, and I've been working out 6 days a week doing gym and yoga.


Since the end of the first trimester I've had a glass of wine or a beer every weekend, plus sips of my husband's cocktails. 


I get in a hot tub whenever I see one, about once a month. I don't do more than 5 minutes at a time though.


Drink decaf coffee usually, but I'll have a real cup of tea or a diet soda when we go to the movies. Rode my bike a few times this summer. Lie on my back when it feels comfortable. Still change the cat's box (she's an indoor cat, the risk is pretty much nil).  


And, I've been really wanting to smoke the weed. Thinking about doing it on my birthday in a couple of weeks. The research doesn't show much risk. http://www.mothering.com/pregnancy-birth/use-of-marijuana-during-pregnancy




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Thanks for the book suggestion, primipara! 

I conquered my morning sickness by smoking a small amount of herb during my previous pregnancy.  It was a very small amount because I gagged and dry-heaved just from attempting one small puff, but afterward I was able to eat a great breakfast and function normally with no side effects.  I was alert and the nausea was GONE. (http://9ta7f.mot59.servertrust.com/product-p/digreprint-medmar.htm )

(That is more than I can say for the anti-nausea prescription suppository I tried during my second pregnancy!  Not only did it not help me eat, it made me feel completely drugged and caused me to pass out for hours.  I panicked and called my DP to come home and look after our dd, who was 14 months old at the time.  I suffered that first trimester:  lost 6 pounds and spent a lot of time on the couch/bed. ) 

My morning sickness was not as severe or constant this time around, thankfully, so I didn't need a remedy. 

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Thank goodness. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one. Everyone left and right are telling me to eat more, and on top of that what I can and should not eat. Aaargh! It drives me crazy. Sometimes I feel afraid to eat anything from all the advice I've been given. Most of the time I feel guilty wondering if I've made the right food choice. Lately, I've developed a "whatever" attitude and eat what I like. Giving in to cravings feels so good. I actually think me belly stretches/ baby grows when I've satisfied a craving.


The other day I had KFC with a small Pepsi. I love the way the biscuit feels fizzy after sipping the Pepsi, and I thoroughly enjoyed eating the spicy skin of the chicken. I haven't eaten KFC in years; eating it was more like comfort food, reminding me of my childhood. I couldn't finish most of it, but I felt so satisfied I didn't need to eat for a while afterwards.

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Uhhh... Benny? Did you forget about your ticker? I just noticed that!


DH has been out of town and I've been eating crap food for supper... chicken nuggets and fries, store made chicken lasagna, pizza, we ordered pizza, I got us nanaimo bars! Nothing too terrible but far too frequently. I have been eating a lot of salad, so maybe that balances it out but I doubt it.

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Mummoth -- I'm 25 weeks.  ... Right?  Now I'm going to have to double check my Baby Gaga... I've been letting this website keep track of my pregnancy for me this time around.  lol.gif (http://pregnancy.baby-gaga.com/calendar/week25 )

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Ohhhhh... yeah, I'm having one of those days...I saw the 2 and the 5 on either side of the smilie and thought it was a 3 or 4 weeks. Sorry!

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LOL, Mummoth.  I really did go and double-check my Baby Gaga account because I can never be too sure of my brain function, especially during pregnancy...dizzy.gif  Maybe I should put my pregnant Mama smilie on the other side of the 5, though... It does look off, especially since I keep shortening the ticker.

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I peek ahead to the next week sometimes and then start to think I'm already there! 



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