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Bleeding - First time nerves

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I went to pee tonight and there was blood. Like 2nd day of my cycle blood (my 1st day is heaviest, 2nd day cools down a bit). 

This is my first pregnancy and I'm doing everything I can not to completely freak out just yet. It was somewhere between pink/red and now is just barely there when I wipe and brown in color. I'm 5.5 weeks right now (period was expected Aug 6, and typically only lasts 3 days) 

We did have sex last night. Could that cause bleeding like this? I don't feel any cramping or discomfort as of right now... 

*breathe in* breathe out* bawling.gif

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I am not an expert by any means but I did have pink spotting after dtd with my first baby and some brown spotting with this one.  I think it is reassuring that it is slowing down and turning brown.  I think it is something to worry about when it is red or light red and/or getting heavier.  I hope it goes away completely so you can just relax and be excited about your baby.  I would ask your midwife or doctor if you are worried or it continues. Hugs mama.

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Hillary, that doesn't sound like anything to worry about to me.


This is from a post I made earlier:


I've had some spotting too, and have consulted extensively with my OB and my aunt, who's a nurse. 


You don't say how much "some" is, but what I've been told is that if you're not spotting a lot and you continue to not spot a lot, it's probably not a big worry. For example, I've been spotting, but it's only ever been when I wipe--I haven't needed a pantyliner, and the spotting hasn't increased, and I'm told that this probably isn't something I need to be concerned about. Pink or brown blood is better, from a pregnancy-maintenance standpoint, than red is. 


A handful of potential non-big-deal reasons that you could be bleeding: cervical polyps, bursting a blood vessel in your cervix while bearing down to poop, hormonal changes around when you'd normally have your period, and cervical irritation or infection. My OB claimed that between 30 and 50 percent of women have some spotting in their first trimester; my aunt said 30%; the internet says 25%. Either way, that's definitely not an insignificant number--and the vast majority of those people go on to have healthy pregnancies. So don't lose hope yet!


If the flow gets heavier, you start having severe cramps, you're having shoulder pain, or you start to run a fever, you should get in to your doctor or the emergency room ASAP--those symptoms could be indicative of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. And, really, it couldn't hurt to phone your care provider now and just say "Hey, this is happening, is there anything I should be doing?" Most likely they'll tell you no, but if it'll set your mind at rest, I'd definitely give them a ring.


Sex is also definitely a reason for spotting! The most recent update from my OB (following a sonogram) was that unless I'm bleeding enough that I'm filling a pad, I probably don't have anything to worry about. It doesn't sound like you're doing that, so I'd say that you're probably fine.


Hope that helps!


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Thanks for the comforting replies ladies. I still don't feel any cramping or anything this morning but there is still just a tiny bit of brownish blood when i wipe. If it'd had been AF I surely would have had new blood this morning. My boobs are still sore so that's a good sign I think?  I guess we'll just see how the day goes and go from there. 

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How are you feeling now?


Just wanted to add that I too have spotting during pg from about 7-15 dpo.  One day of pink, several days of brown, all day.  One healthy 2.5 year old, one bean snuggled in tight.  Hopefully the same is true for you.  Keep us posted.

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I had a bit of spotting a few days ago, around 6 weeks.  And even though it's the second time it's still upsetting!  I just keep thinking that my body knows what to do and that what is meant to be, will be. :)

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There was a couple days of a tiny bit of brown spotting but nothing now. Morning sickness is starting (I feel sick in the AM but haven't been sick yet thankfully!) and my boobs are still sore so I think everything is okay. I meet with my midwife on the 28th so I'll ask her more about it then but I'm feeling good that it was nothing to worry about. smile.gif

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yay! glad to hear things are ok.

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