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Pregnancy Hives

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I have been getting terrible hives for the past month. At first I thought they were mosquito bites, but they're definitely not. Then I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to my dog, but I've been avoiding her and I'm still getting them. I just googled a bit, and I discovered there are actual pregnancy hives you can get because of the hormones. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Hi mama,
I had a horrible case of hives during my last pregnancy. It was so scary. They were all over me, even on my face. I ended up in the ER and had to get a couple of shots. I never figured out what caused them, and after the shots wore off they came back. I finally bought brand new sheets and laundry detergent and they stopped. The weird thing is, I had slept on those sheets and used that detergent many times before. It was bizarre. I hope you figure out what is causing them. I know it sucks. ((hugs))
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Interesting! I hadn't looked into it yet, but last week I got a rash/hives on the inside of my upper arm...it has hung out and itched for a week now. If I scratch it, it refers pain way down my arm. I should look into it a little more now. Hasn't spread at all, is only a total of about 5 blistery blotches. 

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Thanks for your input Magnolia. I'll try switching my sheets out and seeing if that helps. I usually wash this set and put them right back on my bed, so I'll try another set. Mollsworth, I really hope yours go away!

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This is such bummer. The hives haven't spread, they are healing nicely but the itching is still going wild! It has spread to the outside of my arm, my upper back and my chest. I was itching so badly last night that I couldn't sleep a wink. 

And of course in the middle of a sleepless night seeing what Dr. Google has to say about "rashless itching during pregnancy" is a scary thing. I called my m/w and she suggested that if it gets any worse, I should have labs drawn to check my liver for cholestasis, just in case. I'm sure it is nothing, but good to know she has my back.

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I had a cholestatis scare when I was pregnant with DD. I actually was suffering from tight, itchy skin from all of the water weight. I'd get the labs if you keep itching, but keep in mind that it isn't always something scary. smile.gif
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Good to know! :) In fact I feel quite confident that it isn't anything scary, which is nice. I just need to learn my lesson and stay the heck off the internet at 2am! Glad it wasn't anything scary in your case either. 

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