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Previous pregnany- disbelief to acceptance?

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I am just unable (still) to wrap my brain around it... will I get to that REAL acceptance point? Where I actually think/accept I'll be nursing every few hours again (eventually pumping long-term at work), etc? I still can't really believe it's going to happen. It's the strangest thing. Anyone else with such a shocker-pg before that you went through this and adjusted? I'm wondering if I'll really get there...
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I'm not there yet either Julie...

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In my case it wasn't really a surprise, aside from getting pregnant without even having a full cycle after a miscarriage. Because of the miscarriage, I'm a little bit numb. I've had two ultrasounds, can hear the heart tones on doppler, I have a huge belly now, but it just doesn't feel real. It feels like we're going through the motions, and guarding ourselves in case something goes wrong.
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My first was a shocker. When I felt her kick for the first time everything became very real. Even at my 18 week ultrasound I saw her moving all over the place, but I still couldn't feel it, and I didn't even have a bump yet.

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My last pg was just like that.  Honestly, I thought by the time my belly got big, it would "hit me."  Then I thought, when my due date approaches, I'll "get it."


Honestly, even while I was being induced I STILL couldn't wrap my brain around the idea of having another newborn.  It was such a weird adjustment for me.  I've always been very "connected" to my babies from in the womb...thinking about them daily, but it was different with that pregnancy.  The entire things was just so surreal.  I felt bad about it after his birth and had to deal with that. 


I do love him to pieces and now that he's 17 months old that's all just a memory, but it was very strange.  For a while after he was born I wanted to have another baby just so I could do it "right" again.  Then I pretty much got over that and hadn't planned on more kids and whammo - BFP.


Thankfully this time was different.  Still shocked, but happy.  I'm just having a tough time getting super excited until I see a really great u/s.  Even then it will be day by day, but it's definitely better than last time.


So if you're anything like me, you may never wrap your head around it until much later, BUT it DOES work out.  Don't be too hard on yourself about it.  hug.gif

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I think part of my adjustment issue is the fact that it took so long to get here in the first place. It took awhile to conceive DD, but we finally did. After I had here I started developing muscle rigidity, and it took years to get an accurate diagnosis. We started trying April of 2010, and got pregnant at the end of April this year. I miscarried a month later, got pregnant before a real cycle, and here we are.

I'm also dealing with worries about adjusting to a new babe with my disability, and fitting the new babe into our lives. DD is very excited, but I think it will be an adjustment because she'll have been an only child for so long. I am also still scared that something will go wrong. Hearing the heart on doppler helped some, and I feel some little flutters here and there, but I think real kicks will help. I hope they'll help, at least.
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Thank you for sharing. That's really how I've felt before Stacie, (super connected through all oh pg) so this is strange. I think of the baby daily, but it's just different. I'm So relieved I'm not alone.
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