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We are non-vaccinating military family, and I am trying to become a FCC Provider but was recently denied because my child is not vaccinated. I am NOT going to vaccinate and I want to know how to go about getting a religious exemption. I have no idea where to start and what form(s) need to be filled out. Who do I talk to? Asking for help from the FCC Director is out of the question because she is totally against non-vaccinated children. I have never had a problem with the Air Force for not vaccinating. I have had a couple lectures from doctors about why children should be vaccinated but that is it. My son has also been in FCC day care before with a medical note stating that he will not be vaccinated until medically evaluated (which was written by the clinic staff). The FCC director accepted this note before when my child was in care, but now that I am trying to become a FCC provider she will not accept it. It will be easier to just submit a religious exemption. Where do I start? What do I do?